Michelle wakes from an accident with no memory, then she has nightmares and people around her die.

After a car crash, the teenager Michelle has the face completely destroyed and amnesia. In the hospital, she is called Bride of Mummy due to the mask she needs to wear along her therapy. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David K (ca) wrote: Its action packed and very silly, but so self-aware, well written and directed that the silliness just adds to the awesomeness.

Eric B (de) wrote: Just watched this one again and it's still awesome! Exciting, funny, and just the right amount of cheese.

u (au) wrote: It was okay. The acting wasn't as good as I liked, but the storyline was great. I would've loved if it had more emotional scenes...

Chris M (kr) wrote: It was a enjoyable live action/animated family comedy adventure. It had very impressive animation, really great cinematography, very great cast, great music, great adventure, very good comedy, very fun characters and a good storyline. I have seen this movie when I was 7 years old. I would recommend this movie to both kids and adults.

Nicolas I (de) wrote: A brilliant introduction to Wes Anderson's style. Young Jason Schwartzman at his best!

Robert C (es) wrote: Some impressive acting but its only loosely based on history. Cromwell is placed centre stage when he was merely leading a troop of cavalry, The battle of Edge Hill is not shown as the indecisive engagement that it was, and the representation of the battle of Naseby is a complete fantasy. Which is perhaps a sad reflection of the lack of public awafeness of its own history. This was an amazing and cruciall time in British history that does not benefit by being fantasised.

Jonathan V (mx) wrote: COMO LLORE CON ESTA PELI ... :(

Alexander H (kr) wrote: Pixar first film and the first film completely cgi is an excellent well crafted family film with tones of jokes, heart felt moments and genius writing. It is my favourite of the toy story franchise and one of my all time favourite animated movies.

stu b (nl) wrote: With the opening bad titles, hammy killing scene with a man scraping a mans throat to death with a knife, inappropriate teacher/student butt patting behaviour, massive afros, insults to albinos, a 'skyjacker' air stewardess in disguise called Jim, unfeasibly high turtlenecks, Clint changing his mind about rape, a gay man's dog humping Clint's leg called Faggot, another rape reference, a native-American running girl called George and breath-taking climbing shots. What's there not to love about this film? Did I mention there was a plot?