Four friends on their way to Coachella stop off in Los Angeles to tour true-crime occult sites, only to encounter a mysterious young runaway who puts them on a terrifying path to ultimate horror.

Satanic follows a van full of young, college-aged coeds who are visiting old Satanic Panic-era sites in Los Angeles, only to encounter a mysterious young runaway who puts them on a terrifying path to ultimate horror. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom K (ru) wrote: i'll keep it simple even though i didn't like the fact that the killer had a British accent even though she's supposed to be eastern European i still liked it, the lead was one of the greatest i've seen in a very long time and they used allot of practical effects which for me is worth an extra point. I like it, it's no masterpiece but it's a fun flick

Joetaeb D (br) wrote: It's like Bob and Billy just saw Devil's due and thought, "Hey! Let's-a do that! Thus making a rip off of a rip off!

Marina N (kr) wrote: Quite nice and so not like every other Hindi movie I have seen so far. Actually suspenseful and dark. Great music, too.

Robbie V (jp) wrote: GFC: Greedy F##king C##nts

Chloe C (ag) wrote: a believable, raw and frank take on the world of a cerebral palsy paraplegic.

Maria Q (de) wrote: An amazing insight into the life and mind of Fidel Castro. No matter what your personal opinion of him is, its worth watching. I personally really admire him and his enduring fight against the most powerful bully of all time (the US gov).

Matty S (fr) wrote: This is perhaps Todd Solondz one mis-step thus far in his filmmaking career. However, even when he is a bit off-mark, I would much rather watch anything he makes than most directors working today. It may not completely work, but it is still fairly spell bounding. Lupe Ontiveros deserved an Academy Award nomination for her work in this film. Her performance alone makes this film worth seeing.

Dimitris S (nl) wrote: Expressive and staggeringly touching.The process of film-making and the various interactions by the members/crew,job and personal issues altogether.A brilliant finale,worthwhile as one of 90's magnificent finales.

JB R (us) wrote: Excellent modern western from Peckinpah that is light and lyrical in the spirit of his 1970 film "The Ballad of Cable Houge". All of the performances are stellar, particularly Lupino as Junior's mother. The film looks top notch with long-time Peckinpah collaborator, Lucian Ballard handling the Todd AO-35 cameras. The use of zoom and slow-motion border on being too much at times but are mostly used to great effect.

Wayne C (au) wrote: If you don't want to watch all of Flying Circus, this is your "best of".

Wes S (jp) wrote: A strange rendition of the normal Werewolf myth, and a rather confusing one to follow at that. But it is interesting, and uses good monster-movie tropes. It does take a while to get started though, and the werewolf make-up isn't too exciting.

Marcus H (us) wrote: holds up pretty good after all the years

Andy F (kr) wrote: i got this movie and this has a lot more to say