A youth potion transforms an old crone into a ravishing beauty. Unfortunately, her new-found gorgeousness forces the heroine to form a pact with the Devil.

A withered old hag turns into a beautiful young woman after drinking a youth formula. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Satanik torrent reviews

Ro D (au) wrote: Is so strong the lead character, and her story, really nice movie

Craig M (kr) wrote: Another slice of Americana from its premiere director & champion...a little slow in spots, but still very enjoyable. The acting is superb.

Allan C (gb) wrote: Writer/Director Joe Carnahan was hot off of his super smart and tense crime drama "NARC" when he took a surprisingly lighter turn with this breezy (and gleefully violent) action film. Jeremy Piven plays a mob informer who a finds himself the target of a wide array of color hitmen, hitwomen, and hit teams. Throw in some federal agents, security teams, and the cops, and you can imagine that the film is pretty much a non-stop hail of gunfire. The cast includes Ryan Reynolds, Ray Liotta, Alex Rocco, Ben Affleck, Peter Berg, Andy Garcia, Alicia Keys, Chris Pine, Nestor Carbonell, Kevin Durand, Tommy Flanagan, Curtis Armstrong, Jason Bateman, Matthew Fox, and Wayne Newton as Wayne Newton. Carnahan keeps the film moving at a quick pace and keeps the tone spot on for a comic action film. I think the trio of psychotic neo-nazi brothers (Pine, Durand, and Sterling) steal the movie. Clint Mansell provides the film an excellent score and I think a lot of credit needs to be given to director of photography Mauro Fiore, who'd later go on to earn an Oscar for his work on "Avatar," for gorgeously photographing all of the onscreen mayhem. This film is not for anyone looking for an engrossing story or character development, but if you want an enjoyably frenetic non-stop action film, this is definitely one to check out.

Dominic M (fr) wrote: I think Castle Freak is a great movie, and it stands out from all of Stuart's films because it is dark, serious, and up in your face! Film like ReAnimator, From Beyond, and even Dagon are loaded with dark humor, and over the top splatter. Castle Freak doesn't want any humor, it wants to rip you to pieces. Highly overrated film. While Jeff Combs and Barbara Crampton are terrific, I have to give HUGE props to Jonathan Fuller for being such an incredible, physical actor. He had no dialogue, but still made you hate, fear, and show compassion for his character.

Alex S (ru) wrote: A mix of Willy Wonka and War Games, proof that he would of been better than Depp in the 2005 Wonka film.

Roscoe S (ag) wrote: An odd movie, but some great nude scenes from a young Elizabeth Hurley. ;-)

Gary S (kr) wrote: Powerfull performance by Tim Roth.

David B (nl) wrote: Iconic American cinema. An epic western for the ages.

Paul D (br) wrote: Excellent Hitchcockian horror movie, this from Hammer who specialised in much more outragous versions of this genre. There are some great camera moves and angles throughout, which is complimented by a good but sometimes predictable story.

Will M (ag) wrote: Legendary flop that's gained a cult following (as many autered flops do) among Hawks' fans. Being one of those, I thought I'd check it out. Not much to report. The jack of all genres takes on the epic spectacle and has no idea what to do with it. Several plotlines, none of which contains any suspense, and the "larger-than-life" treatment of the characters makes them, well, smaller-than-life. More boring than campy. Probably the low-water mark in both Hawks' and William Faulkner's careers.

Daniel V (mx) wrote: Earnest performances, beautiful cinematography and an unforgettable James Horner score highlight this period piece and make it a must see even if it doesn't fulfill its promise by wallowing in melodrama.

Tiny S (ru) wrote: This movie would have been great if Cage was a hero. Nick is a jackass who you never cheer for

Valerie B (ag) wrote: Great acting and storytelling that takes a spin on memory lane for VM fans! Hope there's more!