A fearless fighter forced to run around in search of his beloved one, in an act of revenge, is what the movie is all about.

A fearless fighter forced to run around in search of his beloved one, in an act of revenge, is what the movie is all about. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sathurangam torrent reviews

Batman N (gb) wrote: While the movie had a great cast and some decent locations, the script and the bad CGI was a let down for this movie- if you like Tarzan watch the animated movie and dont bother with this one.

Tom V (kr) wrote: Criminally conventional and repetitive, but it's a real treat to hear Harryhausen discuss the process in which he made these amazing stop motion visuals.

Nandita A (jp) wrote: Nice movie...enjoyed it whole..touch of hollywood romantic comedies...."NICE" :) Abhay Deol is a darling :*

Ryan W (us) wrote: The Expendables is quite a "meh" flick the characters really don't hit the mark with the friendship aspect as the banter and dialogue often feels forced and out of place, the story is extremely cliched and has been done plenty of times granted it does have some entertaining moments with some great action.

Alex D (it) wrote: This film is based on the bomblast that had striked 7 suburban trains in Mumbai on july 2006.The script is very well written and you can't watch this film without react againts the behaviour of some characters. The actors's performances are brillant. This is a very intelligent film that everybody must see.

Yelin Q (ca) wrote: kinda disturbing, but I love the style.

Joe H (it) wrote: its shite but brilliant. you know it makes sense.

Grant S (fr) wrote: Wonderful documentary.The telling of how emperor penguins in the Antarctic travel a vast distance to mate and how the parents then have to endure the harshest conditions on Earth to ensure their offspring are born, survive and thrive. A story of life, survival, and regeneration. Incredible footage. Some amazing camera placements and angles. There could not have been a manned camera in some of the spots, so passive cameras were used. Very ingenious placement at times.Then, of course, there is the narration. Nobody could have done it better than Morgan Freeman. Such gravitas and feeling.A great reminder of the wonder of nature, and the struggles that some species undergo to survive and grow.

Jason s (ca) wrote: I love this Movie and I don't watch hockey.

Alex S (kr) wrote: Quite an entertaining movie! Much in the way of car-related mayhem.

Sean C (ca) wrote: Another piece in the decline of the Godzilla franchise.

Eli I (br) wrote: Breathtakingly beautiful!

Laura S (kr) wrote: Saw part and want to see the rest... it was quite gripping!

Peter T (mx) wrote: See Tim - it is a film. I should have got the 5 bonus movie theme points for the word "ID" when we all played SCRABBLE about 5 years ago ;)