Satrangee Parachute

Satrangee Parachute

Amidst terrorist alerts, five small-town children set out to procure a parachute from a city.

Amidst terrorist alerts, five small-town children set out to procure a parachute from a city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Satrangee Parachute torrent reviews

Jason L (fr) wrote: A simple concept for a film that beautifully and heart-breakingly opens up the complications of human relationships, work, and compassion. It's a stripper down neo-realist film that bursts with such incredible authenticity that I had to remind myself several times this was not a movie. This is what movies should do. Marion Cottiliard is incredible as well.

Gigi G (mx) wrote: I looooooove Eric Roberts in this movie, he is sooooo out of character, love it, love it, love it.

Grant S (ca) wrote: Disappointing. Could have been a great illustration of the savagery of the Balkans civil war, and war in general, and its effects on the people stuck in the middle. Does cover that, and quite graphically at times, but this gets mixed up with other, more minor, plots. The jumping back-and-forth between three or four time periods doesn't help the coherence of the story at all. Makes the movie quite confusing, and dulls the punches of the war scenes.Decent performances though. Rie Rasmussen is great, and gorgeous, in the lead role. Nikola Djuricko is suitably menacing as Srdjan.

Corye B (br) wrote: i liked it i thought it wasn't gonna be that good what a surprise

Steve S (ru) wrote: Yet another needles remake or reboot or whatever you want to tag it. This one lacks all of the suspense and thrills of the original.

Mariah V (fr) wrote: please let me see it

Sunil J (de) wrote: This movie drove me crazy with it's slow pace

steven m (mx) wrote: this films makes "Manos: The Hands of Fate" look almost competent in comparison

Les E (br) wrote: A great performance by Brando in a rather mundane story.

Kurt B (ag) wrote: The cast do their absolute best to divert our attention from the predictability of the story.

Reece C (au) wrote: what a movie just brilliant and some of Daniel day lewis best acting (he is always brilliant anyway).

Simon D (au) wrote: Not bad, some creative character creations but it's not that funny really and the main characters are voiced by Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez.