Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Arthur, one of Britain's angry young men of the 1960s, is a hardworking factory worker who slaves all week at his mindless job for his modest wages. Come Saturday night, he's off to the pub for a loud and rowdy beer session. With him is Brenda, his girlfriend of the moment. Married to a fellow worker, she is nonetheless captivated by his rugged good looks and his devil-may-care attitude. Soon a new love interest Doreen enters and a week later, Brenda announces she's pregnant. She tells Arthur she needs money for an abortion, and Arthur promises to pay for it. By this time, his relationship with Doreen has ripened and Brenda, hearing of it, confronts him. He denies everything, but it's obvious that their affair is all but over.

A rebellious, hard-living factory worker juggles relationships with two women, one of whom is married to another man but pregnant with his child. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charlie L (es) wrote: Funny, entertaining and surprisingly well-acted by the two leads.

John M (it) wrote: Good Film very under the radar but a fantastic idea

Private U (nl) wrote: I absolutely loved this movie! I am a sucker for war and love movies though, it must be the fact that I'm a military girl. ;-)

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Tommaso D (nl) wrote: Jason Segel signature is clearly visible in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, as it is genuinely funny and romantic.Good performances from the whole cast help it be the perfect Sunday afternoon movie.

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