Saturday the 14th Strikes Back

Saturday the 14th Strikes Back

Eddie and his family have just inherited a spooky wreck of a house. What they do not know about the house is that it was built over an evil passage way, but they are soon to discover the wacky evil it releases.

Eddie and his family have just inherited a spooky wreck of a house. What they do not know about the house is that it was built over an evil passage way, but they are soon to discover the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Saturday the 14th Strikes Back torrent reviews

Dawn (de) wrote: DUMB.....bad acting.....all the way.

Jake S (mx) wrote: WOW! This movie was bad!

Frances H (de) wrote: A wonderful film for older children (little ones would not understand and might be afraid) and adults. Many references only an adult would get, and at that, one who's seen many old westerns. The script, animation and voice acting is just terrific. One can understand why this flick got an Academy Award.

rose w (es) wrote: a very confusing movie...if u have gone to the theatres then it is not worth the money at all

Jasun W (es) wrote: Meh. It plays out like a mediocre Twilight Zone episode... except Rod Serling would have done it better... Too much of the first third of the film didn't really elaborate on the characters, nor did it add a lot to the plot... unless you consider Gina diddling herself in the car an important plot point... The relationship between Gina and Dick was pretty thin, something they did establish straight out, but it sorta left the last half of the film hollow because its not like the characters love for each other had triumphed through some adversity. Because of that, the viewers emotional investment in them is pretty shallow as well, and when your film is primarily based on two people in a car, you had better bring some interesting characters to it...

Jayakrishnan R (jp) wrote: 76%Saw this on 19/6/15Nick Cassavetes's take on the real life incident feels fresh mainly because of it's approach, violence and gangster movie feel The young actors are all good here, especially Anton Yelchin and Timberlake. I did not find Bruce Willis to be overacting here, but Sharon Stone is way too over the top, although her makeup and get up as the older Mazursky is good. Ben Foster also over acts most of the time. Anyway, the film slightly falters due to tonal inconsistencies towards the end.

Scott W (gb) wrote: Was a kinda slow and meandering a bit, but Billy Bob Thornton is usually good, and an interesting snapshot of the south. Authenitic music. Cinematic art and decent acting.

Caitlin B (ca) wrote: Robin Tunney in a stellar indie turn.

JEANNIEBELLE C (ru) wrote: intresting, about exceptance, one is who they are, hiding from self is harder to do, because god sees us all

Oli F (it) wrote: One of the most UNDERRATED action movies of all time by far! Timothy Dalton is on fire, playing a more broken, ridged, and darker bond. Violent and awesome, every thing a bond movie should be.

Corey B (ca) wrote: This is my kind of dark comedy. Surprising with all the stars in this movie it's one of those movies that flown off the radar in the 80s, forgotten in the 90s and one I am surprised I could find now on DVD. It's a dark comedy that does more about shedding light on the kind of shit that goes on in school that Fast Times hints at but makes more funny than makes sense of it. While at times it is predictable, it's the message makes up for all of it.

Rodney E (mx) wrote: Early 80's movie that feels legit. More freakish as a kid than now it still is something of a classic. Kind of in the same realm as Texas Chainsaw but with more humor, Farmer Vincent is a lunatic who uses humans to make his smoked meats. The garden of victims with their throats cut out is eerie and effective.

Troy K (gb) wrote: Not as funny as I remembered it, but still passable.

monsieur r (ru) wrote: Black and white, this film really said the truth about city schools in the 50's and even now. "The film features smoldering performances by a young Sidney Poitier and Vic Morrow as tough-as-nails rebels fighting over the role of leader in Dadier's classroom. This innovative and ultimately uplifting portrayal of a generation at odds with the world served as a seminal portrait of the darker side of the 1950s" --- RT For the reasons above and many more, catch this film. It was way ahead of its time and Glenn Ford was way ahead of his time as well for trying to act the role of a idealistic teacher of smart ass kids. A forerunner to To Sir With Love, this film paved the way for West Side Story. Hard hitting, gritty drama. Worth watching more than once.

Michael L (gb) wrote: Everything about Hereafter is so obnoxiously deliberate, and yet 80% of the film feels haphazardly tossed together.For example, Matt Damon's character really likes Charles Dickens. His fondness for Charles Dickens is revealed during a conversation he has with a pretty young woman from his cooking class, who he invites over to his cramped apartment, tells that he really likes Charles Dickens, gives a psychic reading to, gets kissed by on the cheek, and then never sees or hears from again.Matt Damon's character likes Charles Dickens, which is why he travels to London, which is why he bumps into the film's other major characters, which is why the movie ends. Or exists. It's absolutely crucial to the narrative progression that Damon's character ends up in London, and the only reason that he ends up in London is because he really likes Charles Dickens. The film has a beginning and an end, but what unfolds between adds up to little more than a clumsy and incoherent scramble from point A to point B. Hereafter gives the impression that it was edited on Ambien.