Satya 2

Satya 2

A man who comes to 2013 to reinvent the underworld. Armed with the knowledge which he has acquired through research and studies of mistakes made by all previous underworld dons, he starts a new underworld company which operates just like any corporate organization. He also develops ways to deal with the modern day policing methods. So 'Satya 2' is about a man whose thinking starts where the earlier dons thinking ended.

A man who comes to 2013 to reinvent the underworld. Armed with the knowledge which he has acquired through research and studies of mistakes made by all previous underworld dons, he starts a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave C (ru) wrote: This nicely photographed series of 17 shorts based on Tim Winton's book is a real mess.If you haven't read the book, you will not know that certain characters reappear to different points in their lives which makes the whole thing impossible to follow as some sections seem entirely disposable.The producers presumably share this worry as they have provided a book which lists which characters come back but as it's a bit dark in the cinema it's not much help.So 17 directors, 17 casts, 17 snippets of just how grinding life in small town Australia (apparently it is all supposed to be set in one town) really is.Someone described it as melancholic, but I'd suggest grinding and dull would fit better.In case you wondered, the film with Cate Blanchett in looks like a first rehearsal for a stageplay it is so wooden. At one point I sweat the cast all looks at the direction for a clue about what is going on.If you like Winton's writing you'll want to see it, but there aren't many other reasons.

Jay B (kr) wrote: Southland Tales is a bizarre little film build upon fun performances, great cinematography and a very queer script. In its more grounded moments, it's pretty entertaining... but, unfortunately, the flick becomes increasingly absurd and hard to finish.

Nathan B (it) wrote: great movie about hatred in the south in the 60's

Alejandro O (gb) wrote: It was cool but it was different with the flying thingys. A little generic, but something fun to watch with family in halloween season!

Paul D (gb) wrote: Stylish and excellently played out story getting to grips with anti-semiitism in the US which parrallels the happening in Europe from the same time.

Scott M (mx) wrote: Movie about a fanatical conspiracy theorist who stumbles on a real crime. I really enjoyed this movie's story. Julia Roberts is okay. But Mel Gibson got on my nerves. He didn't convince me he was terrified. Ruined the movie for me.

STeve L (it) wrote: This film left me speechless. It was directed in such a way that the audience finds perfect sanity in their insanity. Amazingly directed!!!!!!

Shawn W (jp) wrote: The Leprechaun has designs on taking a wife on St. Patrick's Day. Its possible the Leprechaun kissed the Blarney Stone before making it to Los Angeles as he is quite gifted at making limericks. James Joyce would be proud.

Pablo M (gb) wrote: Im I the only one who liked this movie? As a NASCAR fan, this is a classic; I haven't seen too many Reynolds' movies, but I definitely laughed with Stroker Ace

Greg W (fr) wrote: best pic of the year

Zoe N (au) wrote: Great acting by Stewart and great directing

Alexandra W (mx) wrote: I couldn't tell you even 50% of this movie's plot--something about government conspiracies and eccentric millionaires and Pam Grier as a sassy black Nancy Drew. Highlights include Eartha Kitt as a character who probably would've been played by Madeline Khan in a predominantly white movie; all the embarrassing exchanges with the neighborhood pimp; Pam's western-inspired outfit she wears during the climax; and, of course, the awesomely funky theme song (Friday, Friday... Whatcha doin girl?).