Moti is a merchant who sells jaggery in the market, with the help of an older woman, Mahjubhi, who makes exemplary jaggery. He is in love with a village girl, but cannot afford to pay the dowry/marriage expenses to her father. So he decides to marry Mahjubhi, while secretly harbouring the dream of saving enough money for dowry and marrying the village girl. After marrying Majubhi, Moti extracts a lot of work from her to this end. He eventually does collect the amount and divorces her, accusing her of infidelity. Shortly after that he marries the village girl, and goes back to his business of selling jaggery, but faces the consequence of losing Mahjubhi's jaggery.

Moti sells gurd in the market. He collects the raw material and takes them to an older woman, Mahjubhi, who makes exemplary gurd. Moti loves a village girl but is unable to afford to pay ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kaitlin L (nl) wrote: ...This was so amusing.

Zane C (br) wrote: Ignoring the fact that the cover makes no sense and is in fact misleading to what the movie is really about, Lawn Dogs is an excellent indie flick. Mischa Barton and Sam Rockwell truly deliver.

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Ellis F (ag) wrote: A very good, movie, the ending was a bit sudden, though.

Jeremy S (de) wrote: for what the movie is supposed to be it's a great movie in culture of a game between two different cultures but also the movie isn't very solid with a classic movie but it is what it is and supposed to be plus I think Selleck is bad ass in everything he does

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