In this sweeping swordplay saga from Korea, a dedicated band of warriors from the Baekje Dynasty travel to Japan in hopes of mending the broken Heaven's Sword and restoring Baekje to its former glory. 30 years later, the only surviving warrior Woo-do vows to complete the task by seeking out Kanemaru, the master of swords, and bring the Heaven's Sword back to life. SAULABI is a spectacular Samurai epic with action choreographed by longtime Akira Kurosawa collaborator Eizi Takakura (Samurai Fiction). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Saulabi torrent reviews

Kim B (es) wrote: Much has changed yet again. You see divorce, career change, more kids/relationships. It's astounding when u really think about it how much we all change over time just in 7 years let alone a lifetime. I really think the format has gotten more organized and better overtime.

Christopher M (mx) wrote: Finally found this on DVD the other day. Loved this movie as a kid and it still holds up. Great movie, love the ending.

Cthonus C (fr) wrote: Splendedly perverse Soviet movie about young soldiers who get wet, lose their clothes, and die, with amazing repetition for 65 minutes,The dialogue is as sparing as the uniforms. Contains poetic violence, male nudity and some rather lingering camera shots...

Mara B (kr) wrote: OK movie, but I can't imagine kids sitting all the way through this -- it's slow and kind of boring in places. It seems like a quarter of the movie is just Benji running somewhere with dated 70s movie music playing in the background. This would receive a PG rating if it were made today. The criminals shoot guns and they violently kick a dog hard enough to kill it. I give it 3 stars for the acting of the kids that play Cindy and Paul, getting to see an older "Aunt Bee", and I'm a sucker for cute dogs.

Brett R (nl) wrote: A bit quirky in places. But a great family story. Really brings home the wonder of space flight and the 'first' moon landing... the unexpected, heretofore unfathomable, sheer unimaginable (nonetheless believable and, who would have known, practical) aspects of it... in the minds of children (at least).. but also for children of all ages. A classic!

Juanito J (ru) wrote: The year of my birth...

MEC r (ca) wrote: I didn't like this film.

Amy L (au) wrote: The thought of that being possible sounds crazy!