Savage County

Savage County

About a group of teens who collide with their town's dark past when a prank gone wrong makes them the target of a family of bloodthirsty killers.

About a group of teens who collide with their town's dark past when a prank gone wrong makes them the target of a family of bloodthirsty killers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Antoine S (jp) wrote: This was one of the worst cheerleader movies I've ever seen, and I've seen all the Bring It On movies...

Marty G (fr) wrote: A must-see for a basic understanding of what's going on in Darfur, Sudan - my soon-to-be neighbor to the northeast.

Sarah E (it) wrote: There's so much melodrama in Beneath that I kept having flashbacks to W Network films, which isn't a good thing. I will defend some elements of this film, because I think that Christy, the female investigator, does a pretty good job of solving the mystery surrounding her sister's death. Unfortunately, the plot she's given to work with is so loaded with holes and inconsistencies, it's a miracle she's able to make sense of any of it, let alone the sordid details at the heart of the intrigue. Too much of this movie is centred around the home, around the family, that it almost cheapens all of Christy's hard work and determination, not to mention the thoroughly unbelievable circumstances under which her elder sister became bedridden. There are more effective films about strange monsters that prowl the house and significantly better female detectives, so Beneath is easy to skip.

Lance S (au) wrote: Gorgeously composed, but wallows in misery with no real resolution

Michael K (mx) wrote: for me this is to Christmas what "Home For The Holidays" is to Thanksgiving. really love it! and I miss Madeline Kahn a lot...

Lee C (mx) wrote: This movie may have been a bit unbelievable when you get into it, but the introduction the fighting style of Capoeira is what drove the film to its cult status among martial arts movie buffs. weak acting and story line did not help, although if you can get past that, you might agree that the capoeira style fighting can draw you in at least. Lame story - Pretty cool fighting. Give it a try.

Michael T (us) wrote: Another Atom Egoyan film with a great concept that isn't very successfully executed.

Kevin S (us) wrote: Ralph Bakshi's animation and live-action hybrid is at first a parody of Disney's 1942 movie, "Song of the South," which featured casual, almost happy look at slavery in the Deep South and racial stereotypes. Taken into the early 1970s, Rabbit, Fox, and Bear have a whole new attitude. The trio move from the South and go to Harlem, seeking to make it big in the gritty crime world of New York. Bakshi's use of live-action images and animation is certainly not seamless; but it is not meant to be. Much like the chaotic, dazzling world of Manhattan and urban life, the animation and visuals are as true as graffiti art or street music. Still photographs from Harlem and the simple jazzy musical score bring the frankness of the scenario in the best way possible. The stereotypes are glaringly obvious, but not meant in a directly derogatory way. Instead, the caricatures of black people (as well as the equally obscene parodies of Italians, gays, Jews, and whites) are meant to symbolize how other groups view that category. Violence, sex, and drugs are abound in the film, but never glorified. It's an honest, thrilling movie, which may at first look only like an independent parody of blaxploitation crime movies, but upon further look is a vital, provocative examination of urban strife and racial conflict. Featuring Barry White and Scatman Crothers.

Richard C (ag) wrote: "Meantime, lest you thoughtlessly eject me I shall explain the tidal mechanism". This is just one fantastically bizarre quotes relating to sex that can be found in Borowczyk's heady brew of art-house pretension and softcore sleaze. Split into four short stories, the film dips into various tales of "immoral" activities, each given a dose of the Polish director's perversity. The first tale involves a young woman performing fellatio on her cousin whilst he watches the tide come in (and this is way the aforementioned quote is delivered). Next up we find a young woman getting a little over friendly with a cucumber and this is followed by a tale of a Countess who invites young maidens to cavort naked in her castle (I won't divulge anymore). The final segment is basically a thinly veiled attack on organised religion (mainly Catholicism). Although the copious amounts of full-frontal nudity will distract some viewers, the film does showcase Borowczyk's undoubted skills in this visual department. His continual framing of apparently irrelevant items and use of bright colour schemes are evocative of Jess Franco but with more grace and style. the acting is non-discript

Anthony S (de) wrote: It's a very charming and wholesome film. Excellent cast and well made film.

Noemi M (jp) wrote: A journey not everybody needs to take, but some questions we all come through sooner or later.