Savage Grace

Savage Grace

This examination of a famous scandal from the 1970s explores the relationship between Barbara Baekeland and her only son, Antony. Barbara, a lonely social climber unhappily married to the wealthy but remote plastics heir Brooks Baekeland, dotes on Antony, who is homosexual. As Barbara tries to "cure" Antony of his sexuality -- sometimes by seducing him herself -- the groundwork is laid for a murderous tragedy.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English,French,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   murder,   paris france,  

A dramatization of the shocking Barbara Daly Baekeland murder case, which happened in a posh London flat. The bloody crime caused a stir on both sides of the Atlantic and remains one of the most memorable American Tragedies... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy P (de) wrote: Respectable and if you're a huge fan of Roger Ebert like I am, you will definitely enjoy this film.

Bruno V (nl) wrote: Wonderfull to see how great a bond can be between father and sad when the father died , also the eating disorder from a friend of Paco is interesting ...and Paco's girlfiend who seems a real bitch ! SOMDVD

Ashley T (de) wrote: With a cast and a premise like this, there is huge potential, but unfortunately the characters and the script are kind of dull. It feels like it's trying to be quirky like Juno or Little Miss Sunshine, but it never takes it to the next level.

Tony B (gb) wrote: Amusing and entertaining but surprised at how highly this was rated.

Bengel W (ca) wrote: Most importantly it made one laugh and so that is a great start. Filming is a little too perfect on the artificial side, yet comes across well in this ditsy arena. Script keeps going with a fine story line barfing at the day time shows making for laughter that is free flowing. Actors do a grand job giving a cynical and believable look at thee insides of cruelty for pay. Nibbles: Strong tea and Nice cookies.

James P (ru) wrote: A great, great, great documentary. More uplifting that anything a team of Hollywood scriptwriters could ever hope to dream up.

Brian V (br) wrote: I got a free willy for ya RIGHT HERE!

Charles P (kr) wrote: There's about 10 minutes worth of a thought-provoking topic of discussion stretched to 2 hours.

Martin T (nl) wrote: Visually striking. I like the first part of the film, about the winery and all. Then it takes this weird turn and becomes a totally different movie. Not a bad movie, mind you, but different. It's pretty good, I guess. I'm feeling indecisive about it.

Ken S (us) wrote: The simple story of a brother and sister who escape their oppressive home in Guatemala and make their way North to Mexico and eventually past the border into the US, and learn to live in America illegally and overcome their cultural differences. The scene in the sewage tunnel with the rats is horrific. I think the movie is pretty good on the whole, even if it isn't terribly complex.

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Zoran S (gb) wrote: It's a bit uneven, but when it works this is a very strong late Western. It's one of Steve McQueen's final films and he plays the role of the outmoded and belated cowboy very well. The ending is particularly brutal.

Rinaldo H (au) wrote: Manhattan is a self-referential, self-deprecating if not an autobiographical work of Woody Allen. Focusing to a group of problematic and complex people in a sentimental urban setting, Manhattan offers more complexity and sentimentality than Annie Hall, although both of them were built on really similar blueprints. It is also brutally honest with abundant numbers of Freudian jokes and psychoanalysis.

Tom D (us) wrote: one of elvis' s best movies. this proved that given decent material he could have been a serious actor.

Nate T (es) wrote: Worth while but off-beat film has strong performances but struggles to figure out it's pacing. Stick with it though.

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David F (fr) wrote: I am not fan of Will Ferrell but in this he does the acting thing! It's a beautiful film.