Savage Land

Savage Land

Set against the spectacular Rocky Mountains, this adventure is reminiscent of the Disney live-action classics (such as "Old Yeller" and "Escape from Witch Mountain"). Two women and two kids are stranded in the Old West when bad guys (posing as Indians) try to snag the stagecoach's cargo. Pitted against nature, time, and the pursuing baddies, this unlikely team must trek over the mountains to reach safety. This is a video to buy and keep in your collection... great mid-winter rental when cabin-fever makes you long for the great outdoors!

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Savage Land torrent reviews

Miska J (it) wrote: This movie is basically just two episodes of TV series and the 1st episode is not that good. Luckily the latter episode is quite ok and helps to keep the whole package at adequate level.

Daniel M (de) wrote: i didnt intend to see it... and i will NEVER see it again... i hated it beyond measure

Geoff C (br) wrote: I am a big fan of Tim Allen, but this is not his greatest endeavor.

Scott C (us) wrote: I think the other film about Prefontaine that came out around the same time was superior.

Barry N (es) wrote: A cute, but lacking sports film.

Delia L (it) wrote: Silly, but oddly amusing

Ameena M (br) wrote: Ken Russell really seems to do whatever he pleases, especially in this D.H. Lawrence adaptation. The '60s was a weird time for movies and Russell's work certainly helps reinforce the idea. It's strange that he's so controversial and yet this movie received a lot of Academy Award attention, with Glenda Jackson winning. I've read that this is one of the best adaptations of a D.H. novel, which I find peculiar (although I haven't read the book)...perhaps all the award attention swayed reviews? Alan Bates was quite attractive in the '60s, but I'm not sure I can get behind how dated this feels at times. Part trippy, part influential...I'm not sure Russell knew how he wanted to gage viewers. Imagining this being paired with Midnight Cowboy in its U.S. release and I know I'd rather watch MC twice. I don't think the "sensuality" of DHL's writing translates that well here, except maybe for a particular audience (of the late '60s)?However, I did enjoy the dance sequence with the female leads.

Jimmy M (nl) wrote: The tale of how the west was tamed. The epic Cecil B. DeMille picture about the Union Pacific's race to beat the atlantic railroad. Well shot and well acted unfortunately this movie falls prey to the all too common wrong-heroitis(very common in romance films), it is when the main character is far less likable than one of the side antagonist characters. Stanwyck is great though.

Alex K (ca) wrote: My Favorite Romance Film Is 1997's Titanic.

John S (au) wrote: The story of Holiday Inn is fairly thin and delves into silly annoyances towards the end, but the film is more than worth seeing for the spectacular performances by both Crosby and Astaire. The most magnificent of which being Crosby's classic "White Christmas" performance and Astaire's incredible "firecracker dance" and hilariously amazing "drunk dance."

Gman H (jp) wrote: Very disappointing, nowhere near as good as the first movie. [4/10]