Savage Love

Savage Love


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
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Two gangsters named Lukas and Marc planned to have a nice evening in an brothel. When both of them selected their girls for the night, a bunch of demons starts to attack the brothel. The few ones who survived this attack are confronted with the daugther of the devil herself. She needs the blood of 666 victims to resurrect her father. Lukas and Marc must stop her! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Savage Love torrent reviews

Chris D (us) wrote: Really powerful docu-film about the lives of five young british lads and their ultimate dream to meet the hand of god himself.

Martin D (nl) wrote: I want my 9.99 back...

Walter M (es) wrote: With "The Man from London," Bela Tarr proves that he could even make watching paint dry interesting which surprisingly has little to do with the always fascinating Tilda Swinton being cast, as her role is so minor. In fact, the film is inspired by others including the beginning of "Touch of Evil" and its epic introductory shot. At the start of "The Man from London," Maloin(Miroslav Krobot), a night watchman, notices something suspicious on the job. On further inspection, it is a briefcase filled with slightly soggy English pounds. And then there is the Aki Kaurismaki angle with Maloin's dreary life where he severely disapproves of his daughter Henriette's(Erika Bok) job and clothing. But what's important is Tarr managing to keep events moving, even if it is at a glacial pace, perhaps mirroring that of the characters' existence.

Anna B (ag) wrote: A very unpleasant script and a terrible central performance (seriously, what the fuck was that accent supposed to be?) enlivened by Winterbottom's typically compelling and energetic direction.

Juan C (kr) wrote: a comedy that is serously going nowhere! and only christopher lloyd can save this comedy, and with no help and all it came is a sortiof funny annoyance, sorry chris, you tried your best. D+

Lick M (br) wrote: i think this is my fav tim roth movie! its a classic! tim roth and gary oldman - what more could u ask for

Kristen S (br) wrote: kind of a walter mitty meets kitchen sink urban english melodrama. tom courtaney gives a brilliant, star-making performance and has julie christie never not been beautiful? god. schlesinger shows the visual flair and balance of comedy and tragedy he'd later display in midnight cowboy, among other films. good stuff.

Alexander Z (kr) wrote: Shyamalan wishes he wrote twist endings like this.

Brian S (fr) wrote: Truly the scariest movie to have ever stared spiders. Arachnphobia prooves that you don't need a natural horror flick to be full of fancy effects and loads of blood to be good and chilling, cause this film doesn't have that much blood or cool monsters, but the script is solidly written and the acting and chracters are all great. And of course, with some very effective spiders that you shouldn't watch if you've got Arachnophobia. Recommended !!

Ian M (fr) wrote: It's quite 'nice'. It's very funny in places, but quite annoying in others. Not a bad chick on chick flick!

Walt T (fr) wrote: Waiting for the DVD.