After thugs brutalize a deaf-mute woman, the spirit of an Apache warrior takes over her lifeless body and sets out on a bloodthirsty quest for revenge.

Only for an elderly Native American man, graveyard keeper West to attempt bringing her back through a ritual. However, the resurrection ceremony also brings back the spirit of an Apache warchief who was killed by an ancestor of one of the rednecks that raped Zoe. The chief, possessing body of Zoe, starts to hunt down her murderers. West explains to Zoe over what happened to her, warning the possessed woman that her flesh will eventually decay, and for both Zoe and the chief to know peace, they must be avenged quickly. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Savaged torrent reviews

E L (ru) wrote: Style over substance, but really amazing style.

Rakesh K (kr) wrote: jst an romantic awesme mve...

Cynthia S (it) wrote: Leave it to the French to make a movie like this slow, and tedious. But, it is a good depiction of what it's like to live under Nazi occupation. Ordinary, non-violent citizens become a resistance group against evil. In this case, based on true events, people become incredibly courageous and commit acts of revenge against the Nazis. But are finally undone by the French collaborators, in the government and public. Beautifully filmed, and acted.

Jake P (es) wrote: Special effects and story is so creative. Nothing like it

Fox W (jp) wrote: Is it authentic? Is it fictitious?24 CITY is a ??documentary movie?? which mixed with fictional and authentic interviews. It recorded the rise and decline of the Factory 420 at Changed.Through the interview for three generations who have relations with the Factory (i.e. old workers at the 1950s, factory executives at the 1970s and the current workers?? children), finding out their different attitudes and values towards work, family, love and marriage. The biggest impression that this movie gave me is the faith of the old workers towards the factory. They were willing to sacrifice their own vision in order to fulfill the request of the factory. It contrasts to the youth nowadays.The story not only witnessed their growth, but also the Chinese history and reflected the situation of China. However, since the interviewees include real workers and actors, it is difficult for me to distinguish who are really the workers of Factory 420. It makes me think of some questions on this movie. What is the reason for actor to act for workers? Is it only a commercial decision? Are the content of interview truly reflects the actual situation? We may consider this movie as an example to remind us how to read to the information (or message) that comes from different channels. Do we have the ability to distinguish the true and false?

Mark James A (it) wrote: This is a kind of a concept that has nothing to show except for preposterous, illogical, unfunny and painfully obsolete jokes. It's been badly written, surprisingly produced, pointlessly directed and badly edited.

Camron (ag) wrote: Cheesy but mildly entertaining,

Amasa G (fr) wrote: This is a great piece of writing, great piece of acting, and a great piece of directing - but best of all, it's surprising. This is a very grim subject put in to a very light hearted place (at least light hearted in the minds of the American Public). And you have everyone being a dunce that you would expect to be a dunce except for the one person that you would think would be the biggest dunce. Francis McDormand's character is surprising capable and intelligent whilst retaining some of that Minnesotan non-confrontational attitude. But if you need an example of femanism and breaking stereotypes - it resides in this character. Beyond the cool character - the film is fun, it is funny, it is serious a bit, and it is a good watch.

Timothy M (de) wrote: My fav stephen chow series

Kieran F (kr) wrote: Kind of a dumb film but I think the film is more known for the controversy it sutured up AFTER the film was released then the film it's self.

John A (es) wrote: I luv J-Horror and I am in love with Kristen Bell, but this movie had nothing else going for it.

Michael D (gb) wrote: At least there's more of a plot (which isn't saying a whole lot) and (a bit) more credibility in this third sequel of the famed vigilante series. This time, Paul Kersey is hired by a wealthy individual to take out two key drug mobs. As before, a close, loved one is killed off and ol' stone face dishes out the revenge again. On the downside, there isn't as much mindless mayhem as there was in the third "DW" movie and the weapons aren't as cool either. Some of the action scenes are done well here though. Nevertheless this series, like Bronson, is getting worn out.

Derek J (nl) wrote: yun fat's latest! jing pulls out all the tricks to tug at our heart strings in this rousing grandsweeping shanghai epic! the a-list cast own it with some 'the killer' moments too :D MUST SEE, MUST OWN, 5 stars, a+++ movie!!

Keith G (br) wrote: Absolutely love funding great movies that never showed up on my radar!!

steven m (es) wrote: nice solos but hmm, we didn't really enjoy!

Isadore H (ag) wrote: Sunshine is a under appreciated sci-fi by Danny Boyle. It features a ton of great cinematography and a great ensemble cast. The story is handled with great care, and I was really enjoying this film for a large portion of it. The massive usage of yellow and other warm colors works great. This film hardly skipped a beat...until the last 25 minutes. Then it turned into some kind of slasher flick and the movie really lost me as a result. I still enjoyed the last 25 minutes, but it was a completely different film than what I was accustomed to for the rest of the time building up to it. However, I cannot lie that as a whole there is a lot of great things about this movie, and should probably get more recognition than it receives.

Gabriel K (nl) wrote: Amazing performance by Maggie Gyllenhaal. Unfortunately, overall the movie is lacking in character development and the plot is rough around the edges.

Adam A (fr) wrote: "American Pie" comes with a load of quoteable one-liners, some funny scenarios, a well-suited soundtrack, and a wonderfully funny performance by Eugene Levy turns this otherwise awkwardly put together teen flick to a sustainable classic.

Andre T (mx) wrote: American/German crime/heist film directed by Mimi Leder, starring Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas, and Radha Mitchell.Set in New York City, veteran thief Keith Ripley (Morgan Freeman) recruits younger crook Gabriel Martin (Antonio Banderas) to help him pull off one final job in order to repay his debt to the Russian mob, who had killed his previous partner, Victor Korolenko, over the debt before they could complete the plan. Interesting, but not well used and little explored plot in this fast movie.Antonio Banderas performance is shallow and poor, as the Morgan Freeman's.Only a surprise finale make this movie worth a uncompromised view.