Ben Campbell, a 22 year old gas station attendant in a small desert town, is looking to make some extra money. He is surprised when Madec, a wealthy lawyer, asks him to be his guide in a hunting trip in the desert. When Madec accidentally shoots a prospector, he is fearful of what it will do his reputation, and decides to eliminate the only witness, Ben, who is forced to go on the run. In addition to being hunted by Madec, Ben must also contend with the harsh desert elements. But if he does make it back to town alive, will anyone believe his story?

Ben Campbell, a 22 year old gas station attendant in a small desert town, is looking to make some extra money. He is surprised when Madec, a wealthy lawyer, asks him to be his guide in a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JeanFrancois B (jp) wrote: Interesting subject but left me with one question:Where's the anger?A woman leaves behind her a trail of lies and deception.First by failing to protect the children of her first marriage (because of the controling husband and retarded court system). Then by cheating on her second husband (his fault, for being "a dead wombat" in bed) and then by lying about the fatherhood of the lovechild (because Hubby is not giving her the love she deserves). And nobody's angry at her? The closest we get to the subject of parental responsability is when Mark is being interviewed and talks about her falure to protect her kids; and interestingly he chokes up and that's the end of that. Throughout the movie she is cast as a victim and that made me quite uncomfortable. By Michael's own admission, how much does it mean to share a good portion of one's life with someone, namely 25 years? And consequently, how much would it hurt to be lied to for half of that time, on the subject of your own fatherhood no less? Well, didn't seem to make him hurt nor angry...I don't buy it. I still liked the movie, it's got a good deep subject, had me thinking about it afterwards. It's just too bad that we're missing a whole angle.

Jannet K (de) wrote: This movie is so bad that it only deserve two minutes of my time. Totally a miss and flops!

AJ G (br) wrote: A funny musical Comedy

Nick A (es) wrote: Reasonably entertaining comedy, with elements taken from Weekend at Bernies and maybe also Dumb and Dumber. Jason Lee keeps this thing up, and the girls are quite worth it. You won't be watching it twice, but once should do well.

Bheema D (ru) wrote: Dude that was badass.

Eldin B (ru) wrote: "White people can't dance. I'm not being racist; it's true. Just like when white people say black people have big lips, it's not racist; it's true. Black people have big lips, white people can't dance. Some brothers will be in the club and white people are like, "What are those niggers doing in here?" They watchin' y'all dance. And they're like, "Look at these crazy muthafuckas." Y'all be stepping on people's feet and hitting one another."

Aj V (gb) wrote: I didn't even watch this whole movie it was just way too predictable and stupid, and none of the characters were interesting. I do not recommend it.

John B (ag) wrote: As a comedian well before his time, Bruce is often lionized by comedians who came after him but without Hoffman's depiction of Bruce, we likely would know little about him. Hoffman provides the appropriate dramatic weight for the ultimately tragic figure.

Aidan A (br) wrote: This movie was terrible. Lots of unnecessary violence. Just very bad.

Kate H (es) wrote: Madness as played by David Tennant is an experience. If you are one of those people who refuses to see Shakespeare done in a modern setting need to give this one a chance if only for the fact that Patrick Stewart in this. I never had sympathy for Claudius. Ever. Now the moment after the play and he's praying actually makes me sorry for him, for the few moments before he becomes a total jerk again.Anyway, Tennant is fantastic. You expect Stewart to be amazing (he has been doing this for years after all) but you don't expect The bloody DOCTOR to do this this well. It's a crowd pleaser and that's for sure. Though Ophelia also gets bonus points for her mad little dance.It's emotional, it's touching, it's horrfying. it's fantastic and it just makes me wish that I could have somehow gone to England to see this when it was actually on stage. This is for sure the next best thing, though.

Carlos M (gb) wrote: The perfect example of a clever comedy that made me laugh more in a silent way (on the inside, if that is possible) than out loud, while pulling me gradually into its story by how touching it actually is, with a deeply honest narrative and a homogeneously great cast.

Karen H (jp) wrote: 2016-12-11 better than expected, sunopsis is wrong though. Lucy was good. Wallpaper was uniformly awful.

Gul A (br) wrote: funny,quirky,romantic,and more, this teen comedy will send laughs to everybody, mainly the trashcan and bus scene.

lam h (us) wrote: Louie once again produced a nicely structured documentary. Loved it!