Pot growers Ben and Chon face off against the Mexican drug cartel who kidnapped their shared girlfriend.

Entrepreneurs Ben, a peaceful and charitable marijuana producer, and friend Chon, a former Navy SEAL, run a lucrative, homegrown industry - raising some of the best weed ever developed. They also share a one-of-a-kind love with the extraordinary beauty Ophelia. Life is idyllic until the Mexican Baja Cartel decides to move in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Savages torrent reviews

Rick O (gb) wrote: Kinda cool. One of the better video game films.

Jason K (it) wrote: Kinda confusing storyline with abit too many characters piled onto of each other. You ended up figuring things out just to justify what you were watching to make sense of each scene, though not being sure.

Badr D (fr) wrote: Who is Vivian Maier?!

Ken T (nl) wrote: Yes, this was definitely a SyFy "B" movie. The special effects were cheesy and there was no plot...However, if you have an hour and a half to kill; then this midless wonder is just what you need. You are warn that it isn't the greatest...LOL

Julien C (it) wrote: Visiblement, Kitano ne va pas tres bien ces derniers temps...

kelly (mx) wrote: It's not as shit as I thought it would be. It's still kinda shit, endorsing this polarized/binary view of sexuality which simply reverses sexual attraction but delves not in gender role exploration (which denies about 80% of all queer theory). For a mainstream comedy, okay but that's like saying you saw a live-action kids' movie that did not cause you to involuntarily vomit.

Dinesh S (us) wrote: Nothing like you would have ever seen before

Isabelle W (us) wrote: Adaptao de um romance da Isabel Allende. Ah vai, s isso j suficiente pra que se assista o filme. E eu gostei.

Lora R (ag) wrote: Great performances and an interesting story. The character development is awesome, especially depression and the line between genius and insanity are very well portrayed.

Augustine H (de) wrote: Howard Hughes again? The screentime of Jason Robards is really short. Mary Steenburgen is Oscar worthy.

Angel E (ca) wrote: This movie bored me to tears... The acting was horrid, the action was all over the place, and made no sense. The story.... Wait was there even a storyline? Horrible movie.

Jenn M (de) wrote: I'm not sure I liked this at all. it started off reeeaaallly slow, by the halfway point, I still didn't have a clue what was supposed to be going on and then the story actually started. By then, I was more annoyed and the ending didn't make up for it. I expected better from the cast

Andrew S (mx) wrote: Armed and dangerous, the Sweeney Flying Squad are old school crime fighters enforcing the law. Led by legendary detective Jack Regan and his loyal partner, they have their own unique way of operating and always get results. With a bank heist in progress and his old enemy making a reappearance on the London crime scene, Regan will do whatever it takes to get the job done, even defying orders from his no-nonsense boss.

Michael W (gb) wrote: Awesome movie trailer! Mostly mediocre movie.