Savana - Sesso e diamanti

Savana - Sesso e diamanti


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Savana - Sesso e diamanti torrent reviews

Ilija (ag) wrote: Ever since this film I had a crush on Mia. I probably should not have admitted it.

Darwin K (es) wrote: poignant & thought provoking.

Cooper H (it) wrote: Super 8 is filled with fun thanks to the young casts adventure. Abrams captures the feel of the 80s for throwback film.

Steve W (jp) wrote: Based on a play, Ozon's feminist comedy is light on laughs and doesn't really go anywhere despite having solid themes and political statements. Catherine Deneuve is really good as the trophy housewife who finds herself more than capable of running the family business when her husband is ill. After a small battle of the sexes, the plot goes downhill and ends on a rather tedious note. Perhaps is this film had more funny and memorable moments it would have been more noteworthy.


Markellus R (nl) wrote: Very cool bank heist movie with some great action scenes. A cool story with a cool ending I didn't see coming.

Noah A (es) wrote: God why? why a sequel? D

MarieJose G (gb) wrote: made me cry...twice!!!

Alejandro R (jp) wrote: Well-casted all around and Ian McKellen's performance is brilliant. He steals the show in this interesting take on some background of the Frankenstein franchise. The tale of two seemingly very different men somehow bridging the gap by finding some sense of common humanity.

John R (br) wrote: 111005: There's something appealing about this movie which gives it that little extra .5. Not sure what that is however. It's kind of quirky, this film, but it's a modern western and I just can't get enough of those.

Kassandra S (de) wrote: Watched it because it was filmed in Moscow.

Charles P (fr) wrote: Dear Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner, Dom DeLuise, Jonathan Pryce & Jim Carter, I expected much more from you.

Philip W (mx) wrote: Robert Downey Jr. makes another quality film starring as Sherlock Holmes and thanks to more intricate action scenes, engaging story, and less drag throughout the run time, A Game Of Shadows proves to be just as entertaining, if not better than the first installment . Although some scenes can feel out of place or just range into simply bizarre territory, it's still a quality written film with excellent dialogue and stunning action shots throughout.

william m (it) wrote: A film ahead of its time.