Save Energy Through Efficient Motors

Save Energy Through Efficient Motors


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Hugo S (ca) wrote: This is real life with real actors and real situations, what can you expect......... Over the top cinema pure film nothing else!!!!

Jacob P (es) wrote: Cheesy. Poor acting. Bad script and effects. But the fact that there are man-sized spiders trying to kill people, just makes the rest of the film amazing.

Filips B (ca) wrote: if you have lived post-communism you know this is the movie that captures it.

Wes S (de) wrote: Too long, not enough substance, bland characters, TV effects, and a unoriginal story, but it's predictable fun. It has some dumb moments, some good moments, and somehow manages to be interesting throughout. It does end rather weakly though, and the film never seems to pick up in pace.

Michael G (ru) wrote: It hooks us by latching onto our techno paranoia but loses it's grip with its weak middle and ending.

Emilie L (mx) wrote: james franco joue trs bien mais le film manque de profondeur, de noirceur

navneet90 k (gb) wrote: i kind of like it becsue it is fighting

william m (de) wrote: A French Wes Anderson movie?

Jx M (au) wrote: I'm absolutely positive I've watched this movie more times than anyone in the world, it being my go to background noise or fall-asleep-to flick. While it can't say that there's any stand out feature in the film, I find it irresistibly soothing. The acting, writing, directing, cinematography, soundtrack, and just about any other aspect of the production is decidedly akward, but in so much, there's interest enough to keep your attention. I worship Ms. Harry, and her sparse and almost dialogue-less appearances throughout are a joy. Hanna Schygulla's European overacting is a lot of fun to watch and wen ever I feel down, her character's rising from the pitfalls of life bring my spirits up. I LOVE THIS MOVIE- FOREVER, LULU!

Alexander C (ru) wrote: would like to see cool

James C (au) wrote: a great movie that is many stories simultaneously. A message movie with a moral about rising to hights then falling into the pit of destruction.

Tom H (fr) wrote: ok but easily forgettable ww2 film. Worth a watch if you're a fan of old war movies.

jay n (ag) wrote: Quaint is as good a word as any to describe this film, that's not always a bad thing though especially with a cast as good as this. Claude Rains and May Robson keep the schmaltz to a minimum, Priscilla is very pretty and best of all is John Garfield, wonderfully contemporary even in this slice of Americana.

Igor A (jp) wrote: neznam dali znaete, ali David Cronenberg, David Lynch i Lars Von Trier se natprevaruvaat poslednive godini, koj ke snimi poglup film, navistina ne bi mozel da pogodam koj ke pobedi...

Lauren D (fr) wrote: Um.. I don't know where to start. I didn't mind it, and I was able to watch it all without getting bored and staring at the wall instead. The twists, though, were predictable and I pretty much guessed them within the first 5 minutes of the movie. The acting was good too. I don't like Matthew McConaughey or however you spell it, but he was alright in this. I generally hate child actors, but both of them did a good job, especially the one playing Fenton, who I think gave the best perfomance (surprisingly). Bill Paxton was good too, as he usually is. Yeah, it wasn't great but it was enjoyable enough. It's probably not a necessity, but fun all the same.

Tyler J (ru) wrote: Okay Movie but what I didn't like about the movie is like when there in the water it goes for like an hour for real life time to come But real life time only goes for 20 minutes! There in the water for an hour and there OUT OF THE water Just for 20 minutes man I wanted to see more of REAL life!