Saved by the Belle

Saved by the Belle

The stooges are traveling salesmen stranded in Valeska, a tropical country prone to earthquakes. Having no luck selling fur coats to the natives they are arrested when they receive a telegram instructing them to "get rid of present wardrobe" and an official thinks they are planning to assassinate president Ward Robey. With the help of Rita, a beautiful revolutionary, the boys escape a firing squad, and are sent on a mission to deliver important plans to the revolutionary leader. When they deliver a rolled up calendar by mistake, they are once again heading for a firing squad but are spared when Rita arrives with the real plans.

The stooges are traveling salesmen stranded in Valeska, a tropical country prone to earthquakes. Having no luck selling fur coats to the natives they are arrested when they receive a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah G (ag) wrote: Considering the subject matter this film dealt with, it could have been much more substantial. My view of it was also slightly marred by the fact that it was an Israeli film about a Palestinian who second-guesses his suicide mission in Tel Aviv. The film could have been much more powerful if it dealt also with how Israelis misunderstand Palestinians. But the acting was excellent.

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