Saving God

Saving God

Ex Con Armstrong Cane (Ving Rhames) returns to home a changed man looking to take over his father's old church and congregation. The neighborhood though is full of drugs and gangs. Those who are able are leaving for more prosperous areas and falling in with a slick preacher (Ricardo Chivara). Even with a dangerous gang leader (Dean McDermott) threatening his flock, Armstrong won't give up.

Convicted felon Rev. Armstrong returns back to his neighborhood a changed man looking to take over his father's old church. The neighborhood is tough and full of drugs and gangs. Through ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Beth D (kr) wrote: It jumps from funny to freaky and messes with you mind, in a good way.

Kaman Y (nl) wrote: Cuba Jr always a good actor, but the story line is so shit.

Hektop Y (ru) wrote: It had its funny moments, the premise of the Greek Gods going to Mexico and messing with a couples life and their family

Kim W (kr) wrote: Awesome romantic comedy about two men trying to make their relationship work. Only a little contrived drama, and a happy ending! ;)

Brian C (mx) wrote: Like M. Night Shyamalan's Wide Awake, it follows a young man on a quest for answers, combining serious adultness with a certain charming childish naivete.

bill s (gb) wrote: Just cartoonish bad.....almost unwatchable.

Sean D (de) wrote: Gena Rowlands is always a joy to watch. This movie, however, was not. Actually it was a dissapointment, with some really bad acting. This would have probably been better had it been a comedy.

Senor C (kr) wrote: I had always sorta shit on Death Wish 5 saying that it was my least favorite of the series but watching it again recently I enjoyed it a lot more. Maybe even more then part 4. Bronson is still a vigilante but he strays from the streets from where he usually had done his killing & takes on Michael Parks & his thugs. Im becoming quite a fan of Michael Parks in recent years & I think that is why I liked this more especially when he took that jig saw to that fat guys belly. Should have been a lot more blood though. That's the main problem really is that this entry is sorta restrained. Bronson would rather poison someone's cannoli then shoot them w/ a .475 Wildey Magnum

Bruno V (nl) wrote: Second watch ... enjoyed it , funny not hilarious ....story fine ! Soon Nr 2

Dale N (us) wrote: It is what it is.....