Saving Grace B. Jones

Saving Grace B. Jones

In a 1950s-era Missouri town the life of a couple is thrown into chaos when the husband's sister is released from the local asylum and comes to live with the family.

In a 1950s-era Missouri town the life of a couple is thrown into chaos when the husband's sister is released from the local asylum and comes to live with the family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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George N (fr) wrote: A somewhat generic J-horror with all what you would expect from the films that made the genre famous in the US. So get ready for a creepy kid, a dead woman or two, and lots of mysterious closets.

Jennifer T (es) wrote: Hilarious but just not crazy about this movie.

Bradley L (nl) wrote: Even better than the first

Nicolas B (it) wrote: Why exactly was this so successful?

TheScarlatescu R (kr) wrote: a complex thriller about big city corruption

Emma N (jp) wrote: It's a nice high school drama set in Ireland in the 50's. Fun to see Colin Firth and Ciarn HInds, but the movie is so predictable

Harry W (fr) wrote: Though Once Upon a Time in China may not have been the most entertaining vehicle, its action sequences and priduction values were enough to warrant my attention for the sequel.Immediately upon starting Once Upon a Time in China II I found myself in a state of confusion over the narrative. Uneducated on the life of Wong Fei-hung or familiar with the stories people tell of him, I'm quickly plagued with uncertainty as to whether the story is one of fact or fiction; if the story is meant to be historical or legend. There is no direct clarity in all this, and attempting to decipher it while trying to figure out where the sequel left audiences while taking in the foreign language of this film was really a lot of effort for my mind and it wore me down rather fast. I gave up rather qickly and just focused on finding what I could enjoy about Once Upon a Time in China II.Though I struggled to ascertain the contextual relevance of the story, I did find that the film was a more enjoyable experience than its predecessor. It was easier to decipher what was happning this time around, and since the film focused centrally on Wong Fei-hung and his involvement in the battle between the White Lotus Sect and the rebels attempting to establish the Republic of China, the story is constantly in pursuit of building intensity to unleash in the action scenes. There is very much a sense that the story structure of Once Upon a Time in China II follows that of its predecessor very closely for better and for worse, and the extensive periods of dialogue reinforce this. They also prevent the film from maintaining the most thrilling atmosphere alongside the touch of comedy. However, there is a less scattered narrative focus this time around because there are less characters and more to care about. This allows more humanity to seep its way into the feature, providing compelling dramatic material for the cast to work with. As a result the story is of more value. And those who embrace the cultural elements of the film's Chinese nativity are likely to enjoy the film far more. It did exceed my grasp in parts, but I loved the visual experience and also the musical score which was simple and yet so serene and contextually appropriate.The action in Once Upon a Time in China II is as enjoyable as ever. In a testament to the remarkable skills of Jet Li, Yuen Woo-ping wrings some powerful fight choreography out of the man and guides him through an endless barrage of foes and weapons over the course of the story. The action quotient is sufficient enough to deliver the entertainment to action junkies who couldn't care less about the surro unding story, and the quality of it is as brilliant as ever. Audiences get to witness the graceful technique of dedicated martial artists facing off in a wide variety of situations and settings which brings out a strong feeling of versatility to the film. As far as the standard for Tsui Hark films go, Once Upon a Time in China II is another testament to the director's keen eye for action. The manner in which he captures it all utilizes the effects of well-placed cinematography and the use of many long shots to emphasize the skills of his cast while manipulating the atmosphere with dutch angles makes for a strong visual experience. Given that the film makes use of a powerfully convincing costume and production design along with the scenery, there is already a lot of visual gusto to the credibility of the film even without the addition of its action scenes. All in all, Once Upon a Time in China II has no problem being a wonderful visual splendour which ups the ante established by its predecessor even though it decreases the scale of story to do so.The cast of Once Upon a Time in China II also deliver a powerful effort to keep the spirit of the drama alive all throughout.Jet Li makes an effective return to the role of folk hero Wong Fei-hung once again. With an endless barrage of physical energy at his helm, Jet Li relays his brilliant array of martial arts skills to the enemies he faces off with and the audience caught up in admiration of his abilities. He confidently takes on multiple enemies at once with a tenacious collection of swift techniques and movements that bolster his merits as a martial artist in the most artistic manner. Yet Jet Li's passion for the project does not stop at his fighting skills. He genuinely embraces the role with charismatic ambition and consistently maintains a concerned look on his face to reflect the serious manner in which he approaches the role. He never loses focus and intergrates his entire spirit into his physical performance, ensuring that he grasps the serious nature of his role on the inside and the outside. His chemistry with everyone around him proves his ability to convey both intense heroism against his enemies and gentle sympathy with his friends. Essentially, Jet Li does an effective job of capturing the legendary status of Wong Fei-hung with plenty of glory to boot.Donnie Yen also makes an active presence in Once Upon a Time in China II. WhileJet Li steals the screen, he is not the sole dominator of audience interest because Donnie Yen puts up a fight to ensure that audiences know of his capabilities as a martial artist, and it is difficult to deny the man's talents. He has his own swift array of skills to show off throughout the fights depicted in the story, and he does it with genuine passion and real emotion to it. Donnie Yen makes a powerful screen duo with Jet Li and adds a large boost of credibility to his name.Once Upon a Time in China II may blur the lines of historical relevance and Western narrative appeal, but with a more focused story combined with plenty of brilliant martial arts and a strong central effort from Jet Li, it proves an improvement over its predecessor.

Cameron M (nl) wrote: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels delivers on laughs that both embodies and pokes fun at its ritzy style, but it goes further than that with a charming chemistry from its three leads and one of comedy's greatest twist endings.

Alexis R (nl) wrote: I've seen only 2 other Herzog films, Grizzly Man & Rescue Dawn, so I thought I might like this...but to be honest it did not hold my attention. Nice cinematography & character development though.

RJohn X (kr) wrote: this started life as a porn script. But then veteran TV personality and cheapo American knock off of Udo Kier, Robert Quarry, got involved and desexed the whole thing. In place of the jiggling willies, we are treated to a gruesome meal of a kitten, a lot of ponderous dialogue, and a doctor who does not even wait to finish an exam to light up a cigarette. Ah, the filthy 70s. Oh there is still plenty of sex. Especially in a van. Which I am told was a big thing back then. The truly creepy stuff in here that makes the movie memorable and effective? The high screeching soundtrack when Yorga attacks. The dead eyes of Donna and the made up overbite of Brudah. All amazing. Plus Michael Murphy (Cloak and Dagger, X Men Return, and a Batman movie)!

jeroen v (es) wrote: best use of 3D I have seen so far and fortunately there is this far fetched albino crocodile thingybit at the end to make it a real Herzog film. I reckon this film is the reason Attenborough is now also going into 3D!

Castle D (ag) wrote: A perfect re-telling! Jack The Giant Slayer is gigantic fun for the whole family even know it has just some minor disturbing scenes.

Ryan K (us) wrote: Dull and boring as hell. A dry waste of time.