Saving Mother Robot

Saving Mother Robot

Taipei, late Dec 2012. The city is going through an unprecedented winter heatwave, with temperatures in the 30s. Eight-year-old Tiger (Antoine) lives with his divorced mother, Cao Yi (Vivian Hsu), 36, who is struggling to make ends meet with her job as a magazine editor and reduced alimony payments from her ex-husband (Tang Kuo-chung). Tiger, who has a hyper-active imagination and sees his mother as a run-down robot who needs a new model, is not very bright at school and worries his art teacher (Mini Yang) with the dark pictures he draws in class.

Tells the story of single mother Cao Yi, whose everyday life consists of her finding ways to make money and raise her young son, Xiao Hu. However, Xiao Hu feels that his mother does not have enough time to spend with him, so he frequently acts out in response. He also fantasizes that his mother will turn into the legendary "Madeleine" robot. Coincidentally, Cao Yi';s superior sends her to become an assistant to Xiao Tie, an eccentric photographer whose hobby is obsessively searching for UFOs. Because Xiao Tie was also raised in a single-parent home, he interacts with Xiao Hu in interesting ways and ultimately helps the young boy understand his mother';s situation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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