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Sawan Bhadon


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Greg W (it) wrote: love the film's title and as someone who had a persian cat for 14 years so yes i DO know about persian cats!

Greg S (gb) wrote: Obnoxious amoral twentysomethings party at a creepy French provincial estate where the caretaker has a permanent unsettling grin, and nothing is as it seems. Ambitious attempt at a ROSEMARY'S BABY type atmosphere, but the young protagonists are intolerable and live to annoy the audience for far too long, and the multiple false endings were a bad idea. Gets worse on a second viewing. This movie really hates young people, which is cool and all, but it's a bit over the top.

Jonathan L (mx) wrote: A virulent attack on both the senses and the sensibilities.

Richard Y (mx) wrote: Poorly written and acted. Unbelieveable eve for a fairy tale.

alex i (gb) wrote: I did enjoy this alot but someone who isnt a fan of joy division/new order/manchester in general or simply enthusiastic about the musical history of this time, may have a job appreciating this film. Steve Coogan is superb.

Cristea B (au) wrote: This movie was really the end it makes sense...well,except for one or two things,but anyway,the movie was very interesting and it had an original story.

Niklas S (jp) wrote: In the same tune as "A Scene at the Sea" Kitano manages to create a great teen movie. This is very different from his other work. One, he's not in it. Two, he's playing for a completely new audience. I've watched this twice now and you almost forget that Kitano made it because of the difference in the storytelling. Still great movie.

Iam C (ag) wrote: absolutely beautiful!!!

Abel D (au) wrote: Maybe a little too sweet and fluffy for its own good, the last directed film of John Hughes is still enjoyable, if unexceptional.

Steve H (au) wrote: Yes, I rated this amazingly awful movie 5 stars. It's second to "The Room" of the endearingly bad movie genre.