Sawdust and Tinsel

Sawdust and Tinsel

On a gray morning, a circus caravan arrives in the town where Albert the ringmaster's family lives. He hasn't seen them for three years and has taken a mistress, the young and buxom Anne. Albert calls on his wife; Anne, jealous and wanting out, visits a theatrical troupe and lets an actor, Frans, seduce her in exchange for a necklace he says is valuable. Anne finds out it's worthless at about the same time Albert's wife declines to let him live with the family. Albert and Anne are stuck with the circus and each other; there's a show tonight, Frans will be there smirking and sardonic, the bear is mangy, the clown is as sour as they come, and suicide offers an exit.

While traveling in caravan through the country of Sweden, one member of the decadent Alberti Circus tells the owner and ringmaster Albert Johansson a sad story about the clown Frost: seven ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karishma B (au) wrote: Too much for one day. good night.

Tooba A (mx) wrote: I got to admit, this was a cute movie. The main character, guys, and story line was just simply winsome.

RajanSatish P (jp) wrote: Thought provoking movie on hope,love and responsibility.Awesome

Ralf W (ag) wrote: When you're too tired on a Sunday morning to get up from bad, but not tired enough to stay in bed, this movie is just perfect. I had a very good laugh, especially when the girl talked to the camera all the time. Good actors, good film shooting and luckily not too cheesy.

Arianna B (it) wrote: An hilarious movie where, in a funny tone, some critics to italian society are presented. Both characters are played by Benigni and both are just great. I must say though that Benigni's wife, Nicoletta Braschi, doesn't impress me that much and there are some slightly resemblances to "La vita e' bella" for her character. Her "Santa cleopatra" is just too much to be heard more than twice!

Jesse F (kr) wrote: I know I am in the minority here but "Halloween 4" is my favorite sequel of the bunch, (yes even more than "Halloween II") particularly for Danielle Harris' performance.

Li K (es) wrote: I didn't remember most of this movie. It was soooooo 70s that it's hard to take it seriously. But still somehow the ending of this one makes me sadder than the ending of the last one. The killing of a few specific good people (or apes rather) and an entirely innocent ape baby feels worse than the destruction of the whole world. Logic