• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Saxophone 1979 full movies, Saxophone torrents movie

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Saxophone torrent reviews

BoNeyMiZ (fr) wrote: Nothing remotely scary ever happens. It's filmed with such distance during the "intense" parts that you never ever feel a sense of panic or danger. Watch Vacancy or The Strangers instead.

Paula M (ag) wrote: ok DreamWorks animation

Tim G (br) wrote: striking distance was a good movie bruce willis plays a Pittsburgh cop working the river patrol who has a new partner played by sarah Jessica parker and their is a serial killer that is driving willis crazy whose knocking off women from willis past and plays the 1950s song little red riding hood .dennis farina,tom sizemore and robert pastorelli also star

Amanda C (ca) wrote: A little slow-moving for some of my less-discerning friends, this is a delightful telling of the struggles of a small Quaker family during the Civil War. Some parts may be a little corny, but the comedy and drama completely make up for it. I was surprised to find that, though it bears the title of West's novel, the story covered only a third of the book, creating scenes where none had existed. Truth be told, I liked the movie much better.

Richard N (mx) wrote: Apparently based upon true events, Dog Day Afternoon is competently directed, has strong supporting performances, Pacino is eminently watchable as always and turns in one of his finest efforts here, but for me, the movie is discreetly stolen by another understated yet potent performance from the sublime John Cazale, as dim-witted sidekick bank robber Sal. Makes you realize what a phenomenal acting talent we lost with his passing. The lead character's bisexuality and the drawn out nature of the bungled heist, especially the interactions between Sonny and the police chief, make for a quirky and interesting story-line. The only criticism from me would be it could have benefited from being trimmed down to pick up the pace slightly towards the end, but the overall impression of Dog Day is lasting and powerful. A certified classic of 70's American cinema. 7/10