Say Nothing

Say Nothing

Housewife Grace Needham (Nastassja Kinski) has a one-night stand with Julian Grant (William Baldwin), who then becomes obsessed with sinking her marriage to husband Matt (Hart Bochner). The twist here is that Julian is a millionaire global powerbroker, and Matt works for him! It's a titanic battle of testosterone as the guys duke it out while Grace simmers angrily.

An unfulfilled married woman becomes intrigued by an alluring suitor whose attention soon becomes obsessive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robyn A (au) wrote: this is such a cute movie!!

Jarrod R (it) wrote: Sparse & achingly dramatic....3 James Francos

Jesse O (jp) wrote: After the unpleasant experience that was Project X, and I DO mean unpleasant, I may have showered the next movie I saw, if it was good, with blind praise just because of the taste Project X left in my mouth. It truly was a horrendous movie, offensive and unfunny. Which brings us to this film, which I thought was pretty damn good all things considered. Problem is while the concept is truly unique for a 'crime' movie, I think it just relies heavily on its concept to carry it. It's definitely a very entertaining movie, but it's not consistently so. It's definitely a very up and down movie. All 4 'movements' are pretty much excellent and really clever and this is where the movie truly shines. I also enjoyed Oscar's arc and how his being tone deaf, and coming from a family of famous musicians where he was the only one not to become one, was pretty much the driving force for his actions and it was a pretty clever way to present a character. Overall a fun movie, but one that's probably better suited to be a short film, which this movie was based on with the same cast, rather than a full-length one.

Dan S (ag) wrote: A sprawling, multi-layered epic in the vein of "Goodfellas" concerning the rampant crime taking place in Italy, involving five stories and over a dozen characters and showing how each one connects to the illegal activities. Although perhaps a little too big and too overpopulated, this is still a rock-solid film about how pervasive crime environments swallow everything in their paths, and sometimes involve youth that get tricked into thinking it is something that anybody can do as long as they have a gun in hand. This is a film that probably deserves several views, because there is a lot going on and the way it interweaves between stories might lose some viewers. Overall a good film, and one that deserves a watch.

Trey T (au) wrote: great movie. seann william scott's opus magnum. deserves an oscer.

Cindy F (br) wrote: Wow, they made the previews look like it would be this really funny movie with the serious undertone. Instead, it's a movie that is maybe trying to be funny but isn't at all-- it's all preachy.

Dan F (mx) wrote: Makes you reflect on choices you've made and the importance of relationships.

Adrian B (jp) wrote: The best of DC's animated features.This film explores possibly the most asked questions about superheroes, and does so extremely well.