Say Why Have You Left Me

Say Why Have You Left Me

The story of a young man who, in 1991. receives order to report to a military drill, and finds himself on Vukovar front, where he spends five months. Returning from there, he discovers changes within himself, but within his home town also. Totally lost, he finds no way to make contact with the environment, and suddenly experiences love with the girl who survived all horrors of that war...

The story of a young man who, in 1991. receives order to report to a military drill, and finds himself on Vukovar front, where he spends five months. Returning from there, he discovers ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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BRUNO V (de) wrote: Fine Belgium MovieDidn't ecpect much of it but ...there was more to see then i thought !Still fine the second time !

Grant S (fr) wrote: Very very bad. Dull, predictable, contrived, unconvincing, pointless plot. Lacklustre, paint-by-numbers direction.Weak, unconvincing acting. You would expect that from Vinnie Jones, he can't really act. Luke Goss isn't going to get any acting Oscar nominations, and 50 Cent is more there for his star power and street cred. However, is this what Val Kilmer has been forced into doing? He must really be out of favour with Hollywood producers as all his recent movies are about as bad as this.

Paul K (ag) wrote: I often forget how much I like "They Might Be Giants", and this documentary reminded me. Really fun. Enlightening. Just plain pleasurable.

Harsh C (ru) wrote: Stupid, only watched a few minutes

Lee H (it) wrote: An interesting history of the production code and sex in film.

Rhiannon H (ru) wrote: A great story, but some very hard to watch scenes.

Robbie H (it) wrote: ehhh...decent classic...i enjoyed the small town life aspect of the film..the cinematography was great...the town picnic seemed like a fun thing to be a part of...Holden is way too old for the role here..he seems 40ish trying to play a 20 yr old and it comes across as way too obvious..even a bit overacted....Russell and O'Connell are both very is Susan Strasberg...just now realize thats Verna Felton who voices so many animated classic characters as a neighbor

Leonard D (es) wrote: It's not the perfect comedy, but there is some heart and soul in this Pauly Shore classic!

Jesse (de) wrote: Not one of my favorites, but it really got me by how disturbing some scenes were, and that's saying a lot about an Italian western!

Ilsa L (mx) wrote: Jodorowsky at his best!

Bailey H (kr) wrote: Hillarious! I can't believe this even passed as a horror film way back when! That lady's hair in the movie covered her entire forehead! Poorly made, but very fun to watch. Oh, and of course, the aliens just happen to know English....

John Y (de) wrote: It might leave a little to be desired in the "historically accurate" department, but it's a wonderful film that we keep you entertained the entire time.

Carlos M (au) wrote: It is a welcome surprise to see a lighthearted Western that places its importance more on the characters than on the famous real gunfight depicted - and the deep-focus shots are beautiful -, but still the film has trouble with maintaining the focus and pacing in the second act.

Michael G (au) wrote: I found the story of contrast between these two friends a powerful life lesson. One man chose a life of of war that reflected the war going on inside his heart while another man chose the way of Christ and the way of peace. The paths of their lives could not have been more different. Yet, the points and places they intertwine shows a powerful example of how one life can impact another. This was another of the few movies in which I don't agree with the RT consensus reviews (although I usually do.) Rent this if you have a chance.