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Sayang anakku sayang


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Ahmed M (es) wrote: The film is really good, but it you are looking for a Dhoom movie, it's not that, at all. If this was not a Dhoom movie, and a movie on its own it could have been better. Also, it isn't a Dhoom movie in many aspects, but it's an Indian version of (SPOILERSSS) The Prestige in many more ways. For example, the idea of The Prestige is taken from there. Other than that, a few silly moments and a few bad plot-holes, the movie's story, and the acting of Aamir Khan make this movie entertaining to watch and give it a try.

Campbell P (nl) wrote: This documentary is extremely vital to today's society. Not only is it a wake up call for people everywhere, it will especially help females who are struggling with their image and being informed they aren't alone out there. The facts presented up front are life changing, this changed some views I had on society completely. This is an important film that everyone in this day and age need to see. A-

Dony I (es) wrote: akhirnya bisa nonton film ini setelah sekian lama. bagus ternyata. manga bgt lah (dari manga sih, wajar).gak terlalu susah dimengerti seperti film2 jepang (berkualitas) kebanyakan...

David C (jp) wrote: You will easily become attached to Rhames addaptation of Liston. Terrific movie

Ted H (jp) wrote: as if the Dardenne bros. went and filmed a classroom.

Frdric I (ca) wrote: Sur le thme libertaire de la reprise, Lucas Belvaux propose un film de braquage social qui ne peut finir qu'en tragdie. A voir.

Lady D (ag) wrote: Everything about this film, the name, the dvd cover and the synopsis makes out that it is a better film than it actually is. As a Horror, it really had no frightening or disturbing parts as such, more of a thriller really, which had a pretty weak storyline ? watchable for a tv film, but totally missable.

Daniel B (it) wrote: Until the early 90s, martial arts movies were generally quite hokey affairs. Shot on cheap film with dumb sound effects and extended fight sequences involving claw shaped hands, kicking in plimpsoles and announcing the lyrical names of every move before you do it. Jackie, Wo-Ping and Sammo were doing new things, but the stigma still held water. In 1992, Once Upon a Time in China raised the bar cinematically with what could be done with a genre that had become stale. Since Tsui Hark's magnum opus, many films have pushed for a similar cinematic style- Crouching Tiger, Hero, House of the Flying daggers and virtually every martial arts movie to come out of Korea. Baramui is one such Korean MA flick- a film that attempts to tell a real story with drama and great photography rather than awe-inspiring physicality. Having said that, the fights in Baramui are very good, if a little short. Many are montage-cut for dramatic impact and although there is some wire-work (the curse of martial arts films), it's usually quite subtle and very rare. The Kyokushinkai style is portrayed quite well and Baedal's efficiency and power is evident in the frame. Production design, acting and sound design are all top notch, although the score veers from orchestral pieces to K-pop in a heartbeat- something that really detracts from the feel of the movie. This veering of style is also present in the action sequences- some being more gritty, some being more flowery and there's an underlying sense that the film can't decide quite what it wants to be. But in a genre that rarely holds up after the action scenes are stripped from it, Baramui stands tall as a film with real worth as a piece of cinema.

Borhan K (gb) wrote: A really strange movie at first i thought this movie is a dramatic love story far from it its a sci-fiction meets western kinda time piece that is a war that these strange blue people have a ongoing war going on and they use people from different times in history to fight this ongoing war. Do i recommend this movie not really it has no really purpose or direction. Rather watch twilight or harry potter :P

Justin O (de) wrote: Someone also stole the humor, as this movie was boring and stupid.

Andrea static (jp) wrote: this movie is horrible. never watch it. lol

scott g (br) wrote: ann bancroft is a american wanting rare british books, anthony hopkins is at a bookstore in london, sending her rare books, they spark up a friendship via letters back and fourth as she builds up a collection of books from him, both are charming, story engageing, and a story all about the what ifs in this world, a gentle sunday afternoon film working well

anders k (mx) wrote: Thought it was hilarious

Melanie F (ca) wrote: A boring completely forgettable film.

David F (de) wrote: Pleasant Cary Grant vehicle is a relaxed, modestly amusing comedy. Shirley Temple, all growed up from a cute-as-a-button child star to a cute-as-a-button teenager, develops a fixation on Grant, a bit of an artist and a ladies man 20 years her senior, much to the consternation of her jurist sister (Myrna Loy), who had just recently presided over an assault case involving said artist. After Temple sneaks into Grant's apartment one night to 'model' for him, giving rise to a potentially embarrassing (and prosecutable) imbroglio, Loy orders Grant to continue seeing her sister, in the hopes that she will eventually lose interest in him. Hilarity ensues. A perfectly harmless romp, kept afloat by the charm of the leads. A dinner scene in which all the jilted lovers involved collide with each other is particularly fun. Also interesting to note how jitterbug-slanging teenyboppers of yesteryear are so similar to texting kids of today - but I guess that's where the similarities end.

Dennis b (jp) wrote: A wonderful movie, sure not total factual, but very enjoyable, and Flynn at his best.

Justin M (kr) wrote: A slow start ramps up to an absolutely stellar second half. Hilarious without necessarily being comedic. I was thrown a bit by the absurd final minutes, but overall entirely worthwhile.

Mariam M (ca) wrote: An emotional and haunting movie that will stay with you for a long time.Abbie Cornish is heart-braking, and Heath Ledger also delivers a strong performance.

Ben C (fr) wrote: Sidney Lumet on the classic novel of the same name fails on almost every level. The ending: putrid. The cast: really good. The story: could have been WAY better, but I guess that is Agatha Christie's fault.

Kendra J (ag) wrote: I loved this movie. I thought it was beautiful and heartfelt and the actors did a wonderful job of showing when it's time to hold on and fight, and when it's time to finally let go and let things stay in the past where they belong