Says Who..!?

Says Who..!?

Filmen tar utgangspunkt i hvilken frihet man egentlig har i et vestlig demokrati. Hovedpersonen anser den som meget liten. Han opplever seg selv som gjennomsensurert og kneblet. Ottar er en...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:1978
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:police,   city,   nudity,  

Filmen tar utgangspunkt i hvilken frihet man egentlig har i et vestlig demokrati. Hovedpersonen anser den som meget liten. Han opplever seg selv som gjennomsensurert og kneblet. Ottar er en... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Calvin R (ca) wrote: Rec Apocalypse brings the franchise back alive, after the third film. Great performances, gore, great story, great thrills, a unpredictable twist. This indeed was a great conclusion to a great franchise.

Brent C (it) wrote: What a great documentary! For Rush fans this movie would be a total joy. For more casual fans like myself you just love learning about the career of this band and leave with a much deeper appreciation and admiration for them.

Aaron J (gb) wrote: While it may do...something for fans of the zombie genre, for people outside the cult, it is simply more of the exact same.

Amirul Adam A (us) wrote: Great story line.. Confusing at first but i understand it after going through it again

MEC r (ru) wrote: I didn't like this film.

Leo O (es) wrote: Awesome action flick. It doesn't get better than this for a thriller with savy acting, a great script, and great execution. What a story. You've got to rent this one. This is not a guy flick, it is a great one for everyone. What a great group of actors by the way.

Rob M (es) wrote: Underrated classic. Holds up very well over time.

Timothy S (nl) wrote: The Scotti Brothers had a mediocre record label that hit it big when the group Survivor recorded the smash hit single for "Rocky 3". Never the ones to let anything die peacefully, they once again recycled the song and the title a few years later with the film "Eye of the Tiger", a poor man's excuse for a revenge thriller. This is by-the-numbers in every way, with a lackluster lead performance by Gary Busey. He makes much better bad guy than he does a hero, as he proved in the original "Lethal Weapon". But this film's failure doesn't rest solely on his shoulders as everything about this reeks of blandness. The script is weak, as are all of the characters. In order for any action movie to be successful, it needs a good villain, and once again this forgettable flick drops the ball. The biker gang here, led by a duller-than-usual William Smith is more laughable than menacing. Why they chose to terrorize this vacant wasteland of a town is a complete mystery. Busey doesn't even really seem to mind when they murder his wife, even going as far as to hit on the nurse in the hospital right after her death. And despite the film's lack of originality, it does feature some odd and laughably bad murder scenes, such as the death by overdose and the infamous dynamite stick up the ass. If only the screenwriters had that much imagination with the rest of "Eye of the Tiger". That badass truck might have given K.I.T.T. an inferiority complex back in the day, but today, it's just as silly as everything else in this lame revenge flick.

Ms Amanda J (fr) wrote: Fatal Games aka The Killing Touch (which is a better alternative title than Olympic Nightmare) has an opening and ending song "Take It All the Way", which is mistakenly reviewed by some as "Take it To the Limit." Either way, this film doesn't contain the song by The Eagles and if it did, it would've had an edge over some slasher films with awful soundtracks. The downfall of Fatal Games is similar to that of Killer Workout, since both films involve a unique weapon but is acted poorly and produced tediously. The javelin kills aren't worth noting and the lousy "suspenseful" music that precedes the kills wears thin quick. When the killer's identity and motive are known, they really let it all out (that voice was a bit unexpected). But Fatal Games fails to be a scary and entertaining slasher. The way that it's filmed is very unappealing - think dark lighting and dull characters in track gear about to be killed to the sound of bad, loopy music. This film begs for its viewers to divert their attention somewhere else.

Art S (au) wrote: In a film that feels more dated than your average 50s noir picture, Paul Newman takes his turn as a private eye on the skids who feels compelled to see a complicated case through to the bitter end. The mid-60s trappings get in the way here and Newman spends all his time mugging (Elliott Gould does a cooler job with his 70s Marlowe in The Long Goodbye). This feels like a TV movie with a bunch of walk-on guest stars.

Kevin M W (nl) wrote: Kevin Costner as an uber-analytical serial killer (with William Hurt as his visible/audible subconscious, a riot) versus an angry feminist detective Demi Moore. Loved every frame of this, from the first to the last.