An English bon-vivant osteopath is enchanted with a young exotic dancer and invites her to live with him. He serves as friend and mentor, and through his contacts and parties she and her friend meet and date members of the Conservative Party. Eventually a scandal occurs when her affair with the Minister of War goes public, threatening their lifestyles and their freedom.

An English bon-vivant osteopath is enchanted with a young exotic dancer and invites her to live with him. He serves as friend and mentor, and through his contacts and parties she and her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael L (nl) wrote: It's very easy to tell this was mas a made-for-tv movie. The fade-to-black shots leave the film feeling very disjointed (if watched without commercials). Low special effects budget will have you wincing when bullets bounce off the cars. Donnie puts in a good performance, but this shouldn't have been released as a DVD.

Joseph S (nl) wrote: Refn does David Lynch, the way he did Kubrick in Bronson, and does it terribly, without an ounce of energy, wit, or purpose. One of the most pointless films I have ever seen. I know it's about pointlessness and the randomness of the universe or whatever, so that even when the case is cracked so to speak the truth is still ultimately inaccessible, but none of it is emotionally or intellectually stirring, and the sequences which are cinematic are Lynch knock-offs, that even Jennifer Lynch would feel embarrassed to watch. It's filler from first frame to last, and eraser of plot points, which don't illuminate or isolate anything, just frustrate and annoy. The film get's 1 star because once the audience discovers the identity of the killer and his motive the story flirts with suspense nicely, and even held the promise of redeeming itself. I'm not naive enough to expect closure in anything as self consciously "existential" as this film must be patting itself on the back for being, but that doesn't mean we have to be bored. The Cohen's "A Serious Man" says basically the same thing, but makes a nuanced, funny, charming, and even cathartic film out of it. This recalls "Memento", "Barton Fink", and a long list of Lynch films the way a mannequin recalls a human being. I still might see Refn next "viking saga" movie, but I have no more desire to see his early work. I have no confidence that it will be worth the time.

Noname (fr) wrote: Okey comedy and if u like road trip and american pie go for this one.

dustin o (fr) wrote: I love It and dogs and dogs movies is my interest, lot more

Richard G (us) wrote: Beautiful film! Gerard Depardieu portrays a convincing Rodin, while Isabelle Adjani gives us a Camille full of talent, depth & beauty. A must see for Artists!

Sarfara A (ca) wrote: Zorba The Greek is a refreshing film, one that occupies your mind for brief period of time and gives you fantastic moments to cherish, whenever you remember this film. Anthony Quinn gives one of his great screen-performances. I simply love Zorba along with Zampano of La Strada (also starring Anthony Quinn); rest of the cast likewise have done superb work. Classic cinematography along with exquisite art-direction, purely handling and giving exquisite charm of the village, when it rains.

Gerardo M (nl) wrote: Slo conocedores. Villamelones favor de abstenerse.

Keith E (ag) wrote: I might change the name of Ozu Fest 2012 to "Variations on a Theme," but this latest masterpiece among many is superlative. The themes of female independence against the burgeoning backdrop of modernizing Japan are once again done with devastating brilliance. Not to be overlooked: my burgeoning crush on Setsuko Hara.

Allan C (ca) wrote: Great cast is wasted in this pretensions remake of Kurosawa's brilliant "Rashomon". Nice black and white photography and Edward G. Robinson are the only reason to watch this mess (or to see William Shatner as a priest if that's your sort of thing).

Stan L (jp) wrote: the power of image and music, something like the aesthetics of silent film

Lucas M (it) wrote: Get Smart, while well acted, fails to be smart or as fun as it should be.

Rodney E (us) wrote: The album St. Anger isn't very good but it is interesting to see the band surrender to inner turmoil, personal demons, and so on and so forth. I think Jason Newsted's comments and reunion between Dave Mustaine and Lars Ulrich to be examples of what makes this really good.