Scanners II: The New Order

Scanners II: The New Order

A scanner discovers a plot by renegade elements in the city government to take power with the help of evil scanners.

Scanners II: The New Order opens with a important event: a scanner discovers a plot by renegade elements in the city government in order to take power with the help of evil scanners. What will happen the next? Please the film to discover by yourself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Scanners II: The New Order torrent reviews

Brian C (mx) wrote: Some fun and interesting moments about a paranoid novelist that believes he is being stalked by a serial killer, and everything is scaring him. Simon Pegg is great even if some of the jokes fall flat

Jasmine S (it) wrote: Surprise! No gore or shocking horror scenes. An attention grabbing reveal of the man and the people who met/knew him.

Edward J (kr) wrote: well act and beautiful locations but a little bit slow and lack of amazement

Isaac T (de) wrote: It was a decent film for me, although I have to say that I didn't like the animation style.

James H (jp) wrote: A fun Bollywood themed film, some very entertaining musical numbers. It?s all very familiar but it is well done. I enjoyed the cast. It?s nothing great but it entertains along the way.

Jawher M (br) wrote: it's 7 am; she's havin' the worst hangover; real filthy; messed up and ... damn she looks ... !

Jason S (ca) wrote: What more do you look for in B Horror? There are killer toys, sexual deviants, a man whose head is the size of a fist, assasin clowns, a caged all girl rock band controlled by a cyclopyic little person with a jerry curl and a cattle prod. If there is a god, truly he smiles on those of us that own this movie

Jason S (ru) wrote: Phenomenal animated film that is hilarious

Travis M (nl) wrote: Delirious is just not a very funny film and left me disappointed by the time it ended. I kept waiting for a good joke to laugh at, but they never showed up.

Jake A (it) wrote: While this may start off rather slow in terms of the comedy aspect it is entertaining throughout, Dabney Coleman is fantastic as the crazy cop, supporting cast is really good, the car chase is one of the best, has some really heartfelt moments, I laughed quite a lot and it features "Roll With It" by Steve Winwood. Pure entertainment and nothing else.

John N (us) wrote: Bravo to Robert Englund!

Linsey Y (kr) wrote: weird,... but cute ~!

Johan A (es) wrote: John Ford r allt annat n i sitt rtta element med en film om internationella ventyrare. Saknar varje form av trovrdighet, men tempot r hgt och man har tminstone inte trkigt

Lauren B (br) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. I thought the story line was interesting and that it was well fairly well directed. Both John Cusack and Malin Ackerman has good acting performances and good chemistry.