Scar Tissue

Scar Tissue

She often repeating herself and small lapses in her memory are the first indications that Mora Carlisle-Nevsky's family have that something is not quite right. Only in her mid-fifties, she ...

She often repeating herself and small lapses in her memory are the first indications that Mora Carlisle-Nevsky's family have that something is not quite right. Only in her mid-fifties, she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan P (es) wrote: I hate to rate this documentary so low as it deals with a tragic and touching story of two lovers trying to stay together in Nazi work camps but the production left a ton to be desired. The story of Jack and Ina is great romance but the direction left much to be desired and the slow pace and lack of compelling visual imagery just didn't do the story of Jack and Ina justice.

Aaron P (kr) wrote: think of home and away meets shameless... I think the old couple I sold it to this morning will totally be shocked...they bought it as they lived in Newcastle and it was cheap... bit in your face with some scenes but yeah. Its alright I dont remember Newcastle beaches looking that offence.

Aslum K (it) wrote: Let's get political. [u]Loose Change[/u] is a documentary that argues that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, were planned and executed by forces within our government, and not the Al-Quayeda terrorists we've been told are responsible. And get this: I believe it. I am two things: a huge skeptic, and a moderate. I hate partisened politics, and hate all bickering political discourse. I voted for George W. Bush in 2000 (though not in '04. Like John Kerry, I voted for him before I voted against him). I think Liberals are corrupt losers who fight Conservatives out of their own insecurity; I think Conservatives are racist idiot hicks who don't think deeply enough. And after watching this film, I honestly believe that the 911 attacks were faked. Here's what sold me: there is a series of close-ups, in this film, of explosions all up and down the twin towers, corroborated by news and eyewitness accounts, that suggest that those buildings were formally demolished, which is why they didn't topple over. For me, that was the clincher. The other evidence in this film is compelling, but I could explain most of it away. You could argue that people were confused. You could argue coincidence. Though I think the Pentagon stuff is equally compelling, I was still willing to listen to an argument that would disprove this film's thesis. But the close-ups of the explosions from the proposed demolition? I'm sorry, I can't explain those away. What really bothers me about all of this, outside of the film, is that nobody can question anything having to do with this event. My coworker, who gave me this film (and is ex-military) says that this is out of fear. That anybody who questions anything about 911 is subject to anything, including death. And I'll admit, nine times out of ten, I feel that way too. As a Muslim, to say anything perceived as anti-American (which is a joke, becuz I'm also notoriously patriotic) is really asking for trouble. And admittedly, I've always had problems with Mullahs and Islamic extremists, so it wasn't hard to condemn this attack - I really do and did think that terrorism is wrong. But man, this movie really makes me question the depths to which people will stoop, and how crooked politicians really are. I'm glad it draws attention to my own belief, that the Bin Laden videos are fake. I just never thought 911 as a whole was. Until now.

Rich B (ag) wrote: Walk on Water (2005): "That's enough for the first time." - Axel Himmelman An Israeli intelligence agent with command of the German language is assigned to a German brother visiting his sister. The agent, Eyal, is tasked with doing what he can to verify the existence of a Nazi war criminal, the grandfather of the two siblings. Highly distasteful to Eyal, he suffers the assignment, including the discovery that the young man (Axel) is gay. Just when Axel thinks he's clear of the assignment, he's surprised to learn that there may be something to the rumor, which takes him to Germany, where his friendship with Axel deepens. Then, it's time for the young men to be dragged into the past. The characters, the situation, it's all a fitting testimony to the final days of our Nazi nightmare. Sweet soundtrack. Axel (Knut Berger) was terrific.

James M (us) wrote: Complete guff which expects you to side with some of the most unlikeable characters in film history.

Jeff B (gb) wrote: Boring, though it gets better at the end.

Lisa Michelle A (es) wrote: I've always wanted to see the Zenon films because Kirsten Storms from Days Of Our Lives in them. I finally got the chance when the Disney Channel showed them back to back in order last week. All 3 are really great films but this one is the best as it's the first film from the trilogy. I would love to own them on DVD one day when they become available, hopefully one day they will.

Simon S (ca) wrote: Its all about the warrior statues and the monkey in a wedding dress.

Jon W (ag) wrote: The first half drags a little, but is amusing enough. The second half is pretty awesome and Bruce Campbell steals every scene he's in. Deborah Foreman is amazingly cute, and managed to not be in really anything after this. Morgan Brittany has a terrible case of 80's glasses, and David Carradine shows up with a cowboy hat. Entertaining movie, funny movie, worth checking out for those who like the sound of a vampire western set in the 80's.

Kurt B (mx) wrote: Even though we've seen it all before, I imagine we should expect some sequels. And not simply because the story was obviously set up that way, but because Dix has been able to tap into something, well, sticky.

Chloe C (es) wrote: it was fun to be able to identify the places and shops that are still standing in NYC today :) NYC was cleaner-looking back then!i'd expected better from a good cast even if the plot's half-baked. sadly, the characters were rather one-dimensional.

Graham B (gb) wrote: Superb hijacking thriller. A simple plot, but very well executed. The script is sharp and witty and so the humour can sometimes distract from the tension. I love the way that most of the cast is anonymous. The four hijackers adopting colour pseudonyms (an idea later stolen by Tarantino), but none of the hostages are named. The mother, the hooker, the wasp, the pimp, the homosexual! This is how they are identified in the credits. The whole film is steeped in the 70s. The fashion, the soundtrack and dialogue so relentless with its racism and misogyny that it must be parodying itself.It's a thrillingly well paced ride with a great ending.

Pamela D (us) wrote: Some shamefully corny exposition at the beginning, but not a bad story, some more good, creepy sight gags and yet more imaginative sets.

DWB (kr) wrote: Excellent Movie. Action packed from start to finish, probably the best choreography ever in a martial arts film and clever comic relief with the action, personalities and writing!

Spencer P (es) wrote: Beautiful and imaginative but questionable, standards-wise, Fantasia lifts the usual air about classical music to be an inspirational experiment in art.

William D (us) wrote: I've only been trying to see this movie for 20 years. It finally came to the top of my netflix queue. What a wonderful little movie this is -- and so authentically New York. This is probably the last real New York movie before the bizarre and depressing takeover by the WASP haute bourgeoisie that started in the 1990s and has now been complete -- at least in Manhattan. The real New York is now only in Brooklyn and the rest of the outer boroughs. But if you want a taste of what real Manhattan used to be, check this film out. It oozes love of NY from every pore. It's a bit slow at times. The editing could have been more taut. But the story is fantastic, focusing in on two lower-class neighborhood boys (played beautifully by Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts) whose deep love of each other is challenged by a series of excruciating complications that stem from their pathetic attempt at a heist. This film should be thought of as a companion to 'The Godfather.' The supporting cast is incredibly good, including Geraldine Page and a large group of unknown actors. Director Stuart Rosenberg ("Cool Hand Luke," "The Drowning Pool"), who died in 2007, deserved more recognition than he got for this. Thank you, Mr. Rosenberg, for this touching NY gem. My favorite line from the movie: "WASPs, they outgrow people. Italians, we outgrow clothes, not people."