Two drifters bum around, visit earthy women and discuss opening a car wash in Pittsburgh.

Max, an ex-con drifter with a penchant for brawling is amused by Lion, a homeless ex-sailor, and they partner up as they head east together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Scarecrow torrent reviews

Don C (gb) wrote: Some great cinematography, and solid acting. Premise poorly executed.

David K (ca) wrote: A heart-wrenching story told with charm and elegance. This is a wonderful and touching movie for pretty much everyone

Michael H (nl) wrote: Now on Blu Ray, Fullmetal Alchemest: The Sacred Star Of Milos is part of the brotherhood anime as this is a incredibly brilliant film. While still searching for the philosiphers stone, Ed and Al go to Table City or Milos to find a unknown alchemist. But what they will discover is something secret hidden in the city. The movie has grade A animation, spectacular voice cast, amazing visuals and top notch acting. Another awesome anime movie.95/100 A

Steve N (it) wrote: Some solid action, plot was good.

Katie B (ca) wrote: The editing wasn't half bad.

Kara S (fr) wrote: Even for queer cinema I felt this film was too cheezy and uninteresting.

istein G (ru) wrote: Sisto is great as a rather unfamiliar Julio, and the cast is generally good. As a fan of epic historic movies I really enjoyed this one. Perhaps they could have made it with more tension and more excitement, it's generally a pretty calm telling of the Caesar story. And maybe as true to the real story as we can get?

Rodney E (ru) wrote: Spike Lee created a turd here that could have had a great message but it fails quickly.

Mike V (de) wrote: Nice flow, and strong characters, but how many times do we need to see the same formula? The idea isnt original, so why make the whole film that way as well. This is one movie from Van Sant, that he should of shied away from, he is better than the half-wit screen play given

Ben L (it) wrote: What I really enjoyed about Hellboy was the visual style and the effects. There are a lot of creatures in this film, and I thought they did well creating most of them so that they looked legitimately threatening and real. The action sequences were choreographed well, and kept most of the film exciting. The story was where I found this film lacking. I'm all for superhero movies that limit the origins, so the pre-credit sequence was a great way to explain Hellboy and the other monsters without taking up an entire film just for origins. But there was a lot of weird stuff going on and I thought the movie struggled to know how much it needed to spell out for the audience. In some parts they share details that I can't imagine anyone caring about, but in other places they just left us to draw some conclusions that were too much of a stretch. Perhaps the single biggest flaw in this film is that Abe Sapien is written out of the entire second half. Having the variety of characters and powers made the first half exciting and I was looking forward to the addition of Liz so we'd have a team of 3, but Hellboy flies solo through large chunks of the third act. However, the fact that I cared about and enjoyed the characters that much means they did something right. This wasn't the best movie to intro new superheroes, but it was good enough that I'm interested in watching the sequel.

Chris L (mx) wrote: I challenge anyone to watch this and not laugh!! Classic Murphy!!

James S (it) wrote: buddy is fresh and alive with youthful fun and the innocent quality of being true to oneself and loving others. great entertainment and warm heartfelt acting and screenwriting. critics who say they seen this before might consider that all love is before but with just little twist that make life interesting. this is a great film.

Tim S (us) wrote: I think that I would have a difficult time recommending Crumb to people. It's not your everyday run-of-the-mill documentary. It gets down and dirty with its subject, which is cartoonist R. Crumb, delving into not just his private life, but his private thoughts and other sordid details. I also can't say that I entirely enjoyed the film. It's certainly not bad, but it felt overly long to me, like it needed some tweaking. I think the reason is because it doesn't have any sort of real pace to it. You're not being kept up to speed with anything. It's just a series of interviews cobbled together in a certain order, more or less. It works for what it is, but it still felt a like a little too much. I guess if you're a die-hard Robert Crumb fan and his work then the approach to this documentary probably won't matter. It's a very gritty and detailed look at one of the industry's strangest and most controversial artists, but you won't always like what's being said or what's being shown to you.

Reece H (kr) wrote: This film was creative and riveting, the story is as the characters portray themselves, direction of the film is done well and the cinematography was beautiful, scrip tin the film was very well done and suited the direction of the film, all up a great film.

Last F (au) wrote: Doris Day going hysterical over a Dr. Strangelove voice that keeps threatening her. The thrills are lackluster and there's an annoying trend of the phone ringing and Doris answering it and then acting hysterical. Waste of time.