A documentary that searches for glimmers of hope within humanity's darkest moments.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English,Hindi,Khmer,Bosnian,Dari,Arabic
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:artist,   religion,   dream,  
  • Category:War
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Leocuto
  • Country:Canada, France
  • Director:Velcrow Ripper
  • Writer:Velcrow Ripper

In a world teetering on the edge of self destruction, award-winning filmmaker Velcrow Ripper sets out on a unique pilgrimmage. Visiting the 'Ground Zeros' of the planet, he asks if it's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


ScaredSacred torrent reviews

Bahasura W (mx) wrote: one of the best movies I watched this year. even thought it is as the old legend, the movie flows around Raavan (Beera)& Sita ( Ragini). The description & all acts of Raavan is exactly as in the legend's Raavana; but sita is different. For the sake of the dramatic shape sita has been created as a strong character. The actors have done their best for the characters & there is no mistake on that. but the charisma of Aishwarya has masked the actual character of Ragini yet the director has shaped that in favor of the movie. on the other hand, Beera's character directly enhances the image of Abhishake it had been a great opportunity for him, still his closeness towards the viewer is present which is a characteristic in all his actions. character of dev doesn(TM)t do any good to the movie, though a strong background support for the character is available, his anger masks all, resulting in null character. Also the viewers expectation of the character (Dev) is not met though the person as well as the scren play. eventually the hero becomes a bad guy in the hearts of the viewer. The way the screen play is created such that the charactor Ragini is the main roll & reset around her when ever she appears in the screen, but there are lost of instances where Beera is the center of play. It has a classic ending to Mani(TM)s style stops the movie at the peak.

Ashley M (it) wrote: I love this movie, I wish someone would upload.. Ashley M..

Terry M (fr) wrote: Sandra is a necrophile, and Kissed is not an exploitation film. That'??s not to say it isn't frank in its depiction of Sandra'??s sexual preferences - there'??s at least one raw scene that renders her genuine affection for the dead - um..."bare"; however, Kissed is brave for unflinchingly taking on a taboo subject. It'??s braver for resisting the temptation to vilify Sandra or pander to its audience with patent sensationalism. Conflict arises for Sandra when she allows fellow med-school student Matt to court her. Sandra'??s predilection is no secret - she confesses as much to Matt on their first date - and Matt believes her. Initially, he'??s curious and inquisitive; however, the reality of purpose behind Sandra's nocturnal sojourns to her place of employment overwhelms him. The minimalist vocal score is notable for effectively lending a psychologically Gothic romanticism to the proceedings. Sandra wants you to see that her lifestyle is unexceptional and matter-of-fact; however, she can'??t resist an occasional defensive lapse: explaining herself in voice-over narration -?? justifying to the viewer her deference for the dead. Whether or not her self-aware anticipation of viewer judgment is a character strength or weakness is subject for debate. Ultimately, Kissed requires its viewers to set aside their prejudices and take Sandra's necrophilia for granted - at face value. Consequently, only the open-minded need apply.

Johnny B (au) wrote: This was pretty good. I liked it.

Iain D (nl) wrote: This is a fun film. pure escapism. So the plot is lightweight, but this is no "platoon" or "Apocalypse Now". But what it is, is a nice way to spend a couple of hours watching a film. It won't stretch the brain, but compared to some recent films, it is throughly watchable. If you have time to spare and it is one, give it a go.

Carlos I (ru) wrote: Umm... not very good. To be fair, I wasn't paying much attention while watching it, but it seemed like a pretty dull action movie... Seeing Van Damme and Kusugi together on screen was cool though.

Jonny B (it) wrote: Clocking in at 3 1/2 hours, this French New Wave classic still fascinates. I don't even know where to start.

Gianluca T (nl) wrote: Se vi piace qsto film guardate anche 'Il Mostro Magnetico'!!

Scott S (de) wrote: The Adventures of Don Juan (1948) -- [8.0] -- Errol Flynn makes a triumphant return to the genre that made him a star (after Hollywood shelved period action flicks for the duration of WWII). "Adventures of Don Juan" is splashy, colorful, good-humored, and terrifically entertaining. Despite public knowledge that Flynn's boozing and whoring were spiraling out of control by this point in his life, he delivers a quinissential Flynn performance - dashing, charming, magnetic. How many actors can command the screen while wearing tights? The supporting cast includes a wonderfully villainous Robert Douglass, returning sidekick Alan Hale (in the last of his 13 pairings with Flynn) and Swedish actress Viveca Lindfors as the latest object of Don Juan's affection -- none other than the Queen of Spain. I particularly enjoyed the film's climax, where Don Juan sneaks into the caste with a troup of student swordsman to rescue the Queen from Douglass' dastardly Duke. The final swordfight on an epic-sized set of the palace staircase is among the finest moments in Flynn's filmography (though it's actually a stuntman who performs Don Juan's famous leap from the banister). Rounding out the superlatives are another rousing score from Max Steiner and Oscar-winning costume design.

James S (it) wrote: a religious experience. so much beauty

Nessa R (gb) wrote: Wasn't nearly as good as the previous Step Up movies.

Bradley N (kr) wrote: This to be fair is my drunk guilty pleasure movie.