A 16 year old girl turns to prostitution to support her baby and encounters a treacherous underworld of pimps, hookers and johns while doing her best to maintain her hopes and dignity.

A 16 year old girl turns to prostitution to support her baby and encounters a treacherous underworld of pimps, hookers and johns while doing her best to maintain her hopes and dignity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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F B (ag) wrote: Watchable but nothing special

Wrik S (it) wrote: A journey worthwhile taking.. beautiful film crafting

ChunTse T (gb) wrote: There is something missed in the real world, something deep, something emotional: Love.

Mr Movie R (jp) wrote: What lies beneath What Lies Beneath is a decent, but somewhat lengthy film. Although it's lengthy, doesn't mean it isn't worthwhile.

Rawballs B (kr) wrote: Abusively entertaining...

Allan C (it) wrote: Underrated Tom Hanks comedy from underrated director Joe Dante. The film takes place entirely on a neighborhood street in the suburbs where Hanks and his colorful neighbors become suspicious about their Boo Radley-like neighbors following the disappearance of one of their longtime neighbors. It's kind of a comic spin on "Rear Window" but the fun of this film is really in the cast an the playful storytellings. The cast includes Hanks, Bruce Dern, Carrie Fisher, Corey Feldman, Theodore and Courtney Gains and director Joe Dante's regular stock company of performers, including Rick Ducommun, Wendy Schaal, Henry Gibson, Brother Dick Miller, Robert Picardo and Rance Howard. Critically panned at the time and not really remember now, I think this film has a suburban charm that hasn't really been tried before or since. Dante compared the film to "Lifeboat" in that the film stayed entirely in the neighborhood and never left. Dante's regular composer Jerry Goldsmith provides the film a fine score. And I remember reading that there is a three hour cut of the film, which I'd be interested to see, but I'm suspecting I'll never get to see since this isn't a film the public seems to be clamoring for. And one interesting factoid from IMDB is that Arthur's poodle, Queenie, was played by the same poodle who played Precious in "Silence of the Lambs."

Huseyn B (br) wrote: Finding some kind of "gold mine" in the film adaptation of the novel by SE Hinton "rogue states", the American director Francis Ford Coppola immediately put another movie on its product - again, the youth early 60's. Part of the team (actors Matt Dillon, Diane Lane, Tom Waits) and moved into the picture, which may seem like the "rebels without a cause", shot in the first half of the eighties. And as the unquestioned "ambassador" of the famous band 50's, which has had a huge impact on the film industry, and the mood of the young in real life, is present in the "Rumble Fish" as actor Dennis Hopper. In addition, for viewers 80 years it still seems to be one of the main "sixtieth rebels", the author of at least the famous "Easy Rider."This time, Hopper created the image of a ruthless drunkards, the father of two sons, who is devoid of all illusions and lost all sense of existence. However, his younger son Rusty James is on something hopeful struggles to break out of the ugotovlennoy bleak life in a small industrial town in the state of Oklahoma, and at the same time naive mimics protests, like being in the shadow of his older brother, another "rebel without a cause "on a motorcycle, whose name will remain anonymous to us. I must say that was not yet very popular Mickey Rourke was just selected for this hopeless-romantic role Motorcycle Boy in the spirit of James Dean.But the most important thing - the film cleverly filmed operator Steven J. Berumen like manner in the old black and white movie, although it seems rather deceptive, and a couple of unexpected color pictures used thoughtfully and imaginatively. Composer Stephen Copeland thoroughly worked over the sound score, stylizing music hits the 60's. We can say that the style of the former anthological subculture demonstrated by Francis Ford Coppola in "Rumble Fish" in a much more complicated form than in the "rogue states" that instantly affected the mixed reception paintings in America. But the Europeans have been more favorable to it, and the director was awarded to the film festival in San Sebastian.

Alister W (fr) wrote: This movie (though a bit on the extreme side) is the epitome of young love and innocent passion. In fact only reason people say it's not a great film is they're wishing for their own rainbows and kittens ending to the story rather than how it actually ends.

Simeon T (br) wrote: I saw this movie on an airplane. Within minutes it was obvious what it was going to be like, and this lasted the whole movie. Just dreadful.

Christine M (kr) wrote: If you aren't charmed by this film, you are dead inside.

Jason S (au) wrote: its kindof strange movie

Jose Luis M (fr) wrote: Mezcla de varias peliculas como Odisea en el espacio,el hombre que sabia demasiado y enemigo pblico , el reultado es un film entretenido sin muchas pretenciones para pasar el rato.

Marty C (kr) wrote: Lame, old, white person's comedy. That really long joke they made about a hallpass was sh!t and was made grossly redundant with all the explaining of what a hallpass is and how exciting a hallpass is and what one does with ones hallpass. sucked.

Barbara S (jp) wrote: Good movie!! Love Bradley Cooper.

Luis M (au) wrote: Faz-nos pensar no quo irracional racionalizar tudo em que acreditamos mas falha em muitos momentos. Um toque de genialidade e teramos aqui algo fenomenal

Zdravko P (us) wrote: I can never put my finger on what the point of this movie is... it's shockingly entertaining though.