Scary or Die

Scary or Die

The creation of filmmaker Michael Emanuel, SCARY OR DIE tells five interwoven horror stories that take place in and around the “City of Angles”. A flesh-eating clown desperately trying to protect the person he craves the most; a dirty cop and a hit gone wrong with a vengeful Necromancer; a beautiful but mysterious woman and a lonely man looking for love in all the wrong places; a gruesome, blood-splattered uprising of illegal Mexican zombies; and a Cajun conjurer grandfather whose gift of never-ending love goes terribly awry…SCARY OR DIE is a unique experience in horror filmmaking certain to fulfill all your twisted horror film experience needs.

The creation of filmmaker Michael Emanuel, SCARY OR DIE tells five interwoven horror stories that take place in and around the "City of Angels". A flesh-eating clown desperately trying to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah G (au) wrote: An amazing documentary from 2011. Did you ever wonder if timeshares are a worthy investment? See how the timeshare king of America & his wife live...

Karen O (de) wrote: Extremely well acted drama

Simon C (br) wrote: "This is the day when the planets will be wreathed in dying garlands, when the abattoir will be substituted for the guillotine... welcome to New Germania!"

James C (fr) wrote: A vampire with a soul awakens after 5 years of 'death' in to a world where a war between blood-suckers and humans rages. Didn't really expect a lot from this low budget movie. I read a review and it just seemed interest me. But I was surprised by just how good it is. The production is pretty low key and the story is formulaic, but on the whole it is a fun little movie. It has a fine mix of action, drama and humour. Plus, it has Billy Drago in it, so you can't go far wrong.

Darwin K (de) wrote: great bio-pic. acting & direction were top notch.

Lilo C (es) wrote: I LUB Casper van Dien looks.I lub actors with green and Blue eyes.I m lucky ducky married with a Man wif lubly green eyes amongs other things;)Ah right unlike Poseidon with Adrian Paul (which made me yawn), this Movie was alot better.

Michelle W (br) wrote: Jim Carey did better then I expected

Lynn P (gb) wrote: Typical inane movie. No dialogue. No plot. Denis Hopper his usual nonsense. Shan Penn should get a job selling life insurance. This movie makes no sense on any level.

D M (kr) wrote: A feminist movie disguised as a bimbo movie. Adrian Barbeaubot and Shannon Tweed were in this and neither showed their fantastic boobs! WTF? And Bill Mahr is an idiot. The whole movie is so stupid, disguised as being funny.

Wamique G (kr) wrote: well satyajit ray makes yet another classic, only this time it is a comedy-drama set during the peaceful takeover of awadh. amitabh bachchan is very very good in the small role as the narrator. satyajit ray shows of his comic side is rare in his films. the film is rite up with the political satire movies like 'brazil'

Walter M (es) wrote: Doomwatch, a government agency tasked to monitor threats to the environment, sends Dr. Del Shaw(Ian Bannen) to a remote island to look into a recent oil spill. He finds the villagers little help in his inquiries as the only person who is willing to talk to him is Victoria(Judy Geeson), the young schoolteacher who has been there all of two years. Despite this, he discovers enough to continue his investigation past the first day. It's a good thing, too, because that's when the body turns up under a watchful eye. Created by Gerry Davis and Kit Pedler, "Doomwatch" is a decidedly uneven thriller with a good mystery. There are some very suspenseful moments but the movie gets sidetracked when it focuses too much on the scientists and away from the island. Overall, I applaud the movie for its subtlety in not revealing too much at first. This kind of approach never goes out of style while the movie's warning concerning the environment and against ignorance are still as necessary as when the movie was made which can also be seen as something of a tragedy, I suppose.

Andrew D (fr) wrote: I nice idea, the production seems ahead of its time but it doesn't exactly set the pulse racing.

Samra M (jp) wrote: Horribly tacky, predictable and b-grade bollywood flick .... ! Overall and sleaze galore ... ! Jag Mundra has lost it !!!

Petri K (ag) wrote: Rutikyhn miehen The Thing.

STCENTERPRISE (ca) wrote: Grand Prix with James GarnerI like the opening with all the cuts, the sound effects and starting with interviews with the drivers. It looks so amazing. I'm not sure if I'm a big fan of multiple screens taking up the same screen. James Garner tried saying something was wrong with his car almost in the middle of the race but they did not know what to do. It almost killed his team mate with a girl who does not enjoy her husband driving races and James Garners car went into the Mediterranean Sea. No there is no terrible way to win. There is just winning. For James Garner character it is not about the money but about racing and chance to win. He is willing to take less in profits and pay for his own expenses and take from the race winnings a portion. For the Ferrari company to sponsor James garner it is not about driver so much as much as not having the driver disqualifying About quality and reliability of the vehicle. I like seeing variety in the different types of cars and vehicles shown in this film. I think it interesting how the different races have a different feel to them in how they are shot. One race it shows the race with the crowd in the front and race in the background. Or race overlapping other footage of the race with a French sound to the music. The look of the race is different. One is a love story where he goes out with a girl but wife is just a business relationship rather than love relationship so one racer goes out with a different woman. Another is splitting up with her husband or girlfriend James Garner tries to get into a race as a driver so he works a news reporter in the race. Then we see the Japanese interested in the race. Japanese are interested in getting James Garner as a driver. He wants to higher as a third car driver James Garner. That way the Japanese race car company owner can win by any means necessary. There are no subtitles. The film is told and spoken in several different languages by the actors, speakers, news reporters. I like how the film is shot and decision on how music over sound effects are used in a scenes. One of the leading women is from North by Northwest. The girl is John Pierre's girlfriend. Japanese Owner Izo Yamura In the World War II He shot 17 planes. After the war Americans occupied his home and when through they altered his home adding closets and bathrooms. Locking up their acquired possessions. He comes right to the point. Pete Aron replies what you did in the war does not matter. He missed World War II by a few years. They enter the wounded drivers home Scott Stoddard to find it filled with trophies in cases. This film does a good job developing the characters and giving bits of information subtly throughout the film in different forms. Italy, France, and England have different feels to the race and it is reflected in how they are shot and what are made the emphasis in the races. In England it rand in the race to have a different look and feel to the race. Scott Stoddard says With a car can strip to find what is the matter with it. If only can do that with people. In England it is the driver who was the Winner in Italy who wins and the looser who becomes the winner. It is the one who got in the wreck in Italy Scott Stoddard who comments about James Garners win. Then they go to the Netherlands for the race. Follows 4 racers. Music is more emphasized. 4 camera screens for the race. Shows pain in divers legs. Knees of Scott Stoddard This time the winner in Netherland is the one who had an accident at the begging of the film. But he is shooting his leg with steroids or drugs to keep his leg out of pain. Still in recovery not completely recovered. Next race is in Mexico. Start of with big band. Still puddles of water on track in Mexico. Overlapping footage. See driver putting in drugs before race. Scott Stoddard Driver passes out from the drugs in the middle of the race but makes it to the pit stop. James Garners car leaking fuel and on fire. James Garner makes second. Nino Barlini GR.A from driver from Italy is winner of one race then leaves his girlfriend to date other girls. Jean-Pierre doubts why he is driving based upon how many showed up to help the dead driver over the winner. Cars for several car companies Ferrari and Ford show up late for the race. Jean-Pierre's real wife shows up for race after Mexico. Ferrari owner is thinking of retiring John Pierre. Jean-Pierre Barti wife; Monique DeLvaux Barti says he will only have prestige if he is married to her. The other girl Pierre is dating is nothing. Nino Barlini Winner of last race leaves behind his girl for dating other girls working for the Japanese company. Geisha girls The race means uncertainty. Nino Barlini's girlfriend is leaving him because goes for other girls. Do you want me to stay. I think you are old enough to make own decisions. Scott Stoddard Group BSteep inclines for the road turned at an angle. Monzo Banking Have to go 180 and gravity pulls car towards banking. James Garner as Pete Aron response to Japanese owner Izo Yamura to why he races To feel so close to death is life and feel like living. This film is filmed with incredible footage of races, and crashes. Shows life and death. It was crazy seeing one of the crashes with John Pierre going over the ramp. He dies in the race. James Garner as Pete Aron wins the race. And he has Scott Stoddard join him in a drink out of the trophie for toasting his fellow racer John Pierre. We see James Garner as Pete Aron at the end revisit the finish line to remiss over the loss of a fellow with the sound effects of the cars playing in the background. I do like the film score in this film. It presents both the good and bad things concerning car races from the different nations interest in racing, the crashes, publicity, alcohol, drugs and drivers relationships with other people. I liked how they filmed the car races. It looked amazing all the different moving camera angles. This had an interesting look. I did feel as though it was a little long but it was enjoyable. The first car race was amazing.

Spencer H (mx) wrote: An okay horror movie, Child's Play isn't really scary, but it's pretty entertaining.