Scenic Route

Scenic Route

Stranded on an isolated desert road, two life-long friends fight for survival as their already strained relationship spirals into knife-wielding madness.

Mitchell (Josh Duhamel) and Carter (Dan Fogler), life-long friends, become stranded in the desert while on a road trip. They then start to attack each other's life decisions with unwavering brutality. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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SV G (gb) wrote: This was corny in a big time rolling of the eyes way; and what could have been a relavant and important storyline for seniors, instead was a TV type goofy white bread blah of a story - so both writer and director dropped the ball here - big time.. What I will say, is anything with Andy Griffith in it (who one feels uncomfortable to find in this cheesy movie) isn't going to be all bad...but is sure wasn't good and I would not recommend it to anyone.

Matt B (ru) wrote: Raising Helen is not a movie. It is a sitcom. Kate Hudson's beautiful smile can't save the movie from its abundant cliches and utter predictability.

Brian C (us) wrote: FInally some new characters and a new direction for the puppet master series. This ones takes place sort of in the middle of things.A man is hired to build a puppet out of fancy wood pieces but is somehow turned into a metal robot. Didn't make much sense, but it was fresh and like most Puppet Master movies is lots of fun.

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Film C (ru) wrote: An intense thriller that is thought provoking. But it's sloppy handle leaves more to be desired!

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