Scent of Love

Scent of Love

Based on the novel of the same name, Scent of Love chronicles several years in the life of a man and woman who were never able to fully realize their love for each other.

University student Seo In-ha meets a young woman on the subway and falls in love. After joining a local book club, he is pleasantly surprised to find that the woman, Mun Hie-jae, is also a member. Although he makes a poor first impression, In-ha and Hie-jae become friends, though she is more interested in another student, Kang Seong-ho.Several years pass as they go their separate ways. While Hie-jae and Seong-ho prepare to wed, In-ha, now a producer at a local radio station, still pines after his crush. When Hie-jae survives a car crash that kills her fiancé and parents, In-ha resumes his pursuit of her by reading out letters on his radio show. They reunite and plan to get married.However, their happiness is short-lived, as Hie-jae becomes pregnant only to discover that she has stomach cancer, and must choose between her own life and the life of her unborn child. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kurt B (ru) wrote: Despite the fact that it's all so very familiar, the past-tense storytelling allows for an unexpected twist.

Jake S (ca) wrote: I am giving this film 5 stars, I havnt seen it but I had watched the first and second IP Man and both were great movies. so that being said I can only imagine how good this one is. hopefully I get to see this move sooner than later..

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Barry J (kr) wrote: Cheesy but very very funny with some braw ine liners.

Randy Y (fr) wrote: Rewatched it recently and (aside from the painful technology) it has withheld the test of time. Decent story, pace, characters.

Ted W (mx) wrote: Unusual, interesting, disjointed. I read Ebert's review and I'll agree with the idea that it's all about unusual people in contact with one another. Yes, this is a great showcase for Schwarzenegger and it's also a rare glimpse at Sally Field's behind (which is also a nice showcase). Bridges is the weak point in this one, the central character to whom the growth is supposed to occur, but I never felt that 1. Blake was from the south 2. he ever really grew up. Great to see Spinel and Englund in non-horror film roles.

Buddy H (us) wrote: the love storyline seems forced. but the last third of the movie is well worth it.

Daniel P (es) wrote: I love crocodiles and am very biased here, at least Oliver Platt is great as usual. Betty White is wonderful to.

Aaron G (es) wrote: Very entertaining... but somehow I never quite followed what was going on. Also, a few years after the fact, if you asked me to recall a single scene from this caper I'm not sure I could. Not good.

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