Scent of Passion

Scent of Passion

A man who is a theater director and music composer picks up a young homeless woman off the street. But as soon as she starts living with him she becomes his object of desire. Soon his ...

A man who is a theater director and music composer picks up a young homeless woman off the street. But as soon as she starts living with him she becomes his object of desire. Soon his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deena T (ru) wrote: massive movie...Thalaiva you are great......!!!

Leonardo C (ru) wrote: Divertida e por vezes tocante stira

Roja C (ca) wrote: GIFTED HANDS: (The Ben Carson Story).2009Run time: 90 minutesGenre: DramaDirector: Thomas Carter (II)Cast: Juba Gooding jr (Ben Carson)Kimberly Elise ( Ben?s mom)Aunjaune EllisThe inspiring story of America?s best Neurosurgeon Bean Carson starred as Cuba Gooding jr, who was once a class dummy beams up in becoming Americas best surgeon with the support of a single poor mother (Kimberly Elise) who emphasized her two sons to read and believe in themselves.As best on the Biography of Americas best surgeon the story is very inspiring and touching, it urges hard work and motivates, the director Thomas Carter puts the magic on this one right from the casting to directing the camera shots and actors, I see a good relationship in every scene between the characters and technical crew.The most astonishing thing in this movie is the speed as the movie is very slow from the camera movements, the dialogue between the actors and the music, this is an artistic way of making the movie very inspiring as the recording frame rate is usually cut to 25 fames per second a technique used b professional directors. This movie made a great success, so why not join the few who have watched this great biography of a great surgeon

Jacob P (kr) wrote: This may be, the most disturbing, darkest, satanic, evil, crazy, sadistic, horror movie I have ever seen. The's just so dark! This movie probably has the most disturbing characters I've seen in a long time. A very good movie.

Joanne C (ag) wrote: what a load of ********

Karlie E (de) wrote: Way Good!!!!! It was really funny tooo

Hagar H (br) wrote: it was kinda boring ;s loved the dancing and esp the trio (Y)

Michael A (ca) wrote: The comparassions to Walker and the Contras is lost on a lot of people...this is the type of film you either get it or you don't..I got it..and I enjoyed it.

Emily B (ru) wrote: Good little film about the life of Joe Orton. Alfred Molina is great as his lover Kenneth Halliwell. Plus an excellent script by Alan Bennet.

Pamela D (mx) wrote: Interesting made-for-TV dramatization of a murder case in which an ex-Green Beret pretty obviously killed his wife and kids and attempted to blame it on deranged, blood thirsty, anti-war hippies. . . .Great if you're into made-for-TV dramatizations of murder cases involving ex-Green Berets who kill their wives and kids and blame it on deranged, blood thirsty, anti-war hippies.What creates the rotten fish odor in murder cases like this and the Ramsay incident is the shallow manner in which the self proclaimed innocent survivor envisions the would-be perpetrator/s. Here, MacDonald had apparently been influenced by something akin to the made-for-TV movie, Helter Skelter before emulating the literal writing on the wall. Ramsay characterized the kidnappers in the ransom note as a businessman would who is afraid of, but not very knowledgeable about being kidnapped by terrorists.Now if you'll excuse me, I must return to my search for "the real killers" of Nicole Brown Simpson...on Florida golf courses.

Seth P (fr) wrote: A great Pretty tale of supernatural revenge... considering it was made for television, it was actually really good (typically made for television movies are not well made)... The acting was good, the story was good, and the feel of the movie was authentic rather than cheap or rushed. I heard that this was the first film to use a scarecrow as the man 'killer' in a horror movie... and after watching this movie, I now consider myself a new fan of the 'Scarecrow' horror sub genre...