Scheme with Me

Scheme with Me

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
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Scheme with Me torrent reviews

Simon T (ag) wrote: Fascinating portrait of emotional meltdown masquerading as heroic individualism. Burt Lancaster is of course superlative in the main role, but he's matched by Janice Rule as a former lover. A quirky oddball gem that is even better the second time you watch it.

Kenneth L (es) wrote: This isn't as remarkable as a lot of his later work, but this movie is a solid early example of what a great actor Philip Seymour Hoffman is. I'm not going to write a long review, since the movie mostly boils down to Hoffman's performance. The film is based on a true story: Dan Mahowny, a milquetoast loan officer at a bank in 1980s Toronto, seems utterly unremarkable, except for his secret life: he is a gambling addict of epic proportions, using his expertise with numbers and his access to bank funds to win astonishing amounts of money in every conceivable form of gambling, and to lose even more. Minnie Driver has one of her most unglamorous roles ever as Mahowny's dowdy, concerned girlfriend, and John Hurt is a lot of fun to watch as a predatory casino owner who is fascinated by Mahowny. The movie follows Mahowny's rise and fall in a straight arc, and while there aren't many twists or flourishes to the storytelling, it's definitely worth watching the movie for Hoffman's remarkably focused, tunnel-visioned performance.

Richard D (au) wrote: Well made and well acted. Bit on the nose with themes and has a happy ending. 70's version was better. But this is a different take. The setup is about the only similarity the two versions have.It has it's moments, but there are better options.

Derek B (kr) wrote: Viscerally shocking portrayal of a motiveless crime and the pointless retribution which follows.

Carl M (it) wrote: Toxic waste is transforming the teens of Tromaville High into violent punks who call themselves The Cretins. The gang terrorizes the other students while another murderous mutant monster begins to take shape in the school's basement! The Troma team returns with CLASS OF NUKE 'EM HIGH, a zany B-movie that piles on plenty of sex, drugs, and gratuitous gore! Troma's trademarked brand of ridiculous off-the-wall comedy and equally outrageous splatter effects make this one of their better titles, trailing shortly behind THE TOXIC AVENGER. The Cretins are a wild bunch of chaotic characters that take high school bullying to a whole new level. They each sport their own crazy costumes to give them a unique sense of personality while they beat their way to the top of the class. Like most other Troma features, the plot hardly exists, and is instead replaced by a long string of gross-outs and random humor that loosely ties things together. The biggest surprise comes in the end, when the mutant offspring of the two teen protagonists sets off on a bloody rampage through the school. B-movie fans can't graduate from Tromaville High without first learning the three "R's": "Readin'... Writin' and Radiation!"-Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Francisco L (us) wrote: With good suspense that makes this movie exciting, however with very forced performances and an awful script.

Kerstin E (de) wrote: They say the movie was banned until 2000. It must have been for copyright infringement. Watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington instead.

Rhonda M (mx) wrote: for the era, a pretty good vision of the fashion and decor. Campy movie, but liked watching Goldie run around.

SV G (ru) wrote: Though Lancaster's performance is a fine one, the role he plays of two time murderer & prisoner Robert Stroudt is undoubtedly sentimentalized emotionally, though most of the facts themselves of his 53 years behind bars are accurate. Both a murderer and debatedely a genius, His care for birds while in prison, and his research and discovery for treatments for their diseases made him famous.