• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:50 minutes
  • Release:1921
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:train,   railway,  

Scherben is about the everyday lives of a railway trackman, his wife and daughter in a remote, isolated house in a winter landscape, Mayer and Pick introduce increasingly stronger disturbances into their daily routines. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy F (gb) wrote: A witty throwback to the heyday of horror, the performance of the lead actress, Wendy Wygant (who oddly is not credited on this site) totally makes the film. The sound design isn't A-list work, but once your ears adjust it's an enjoyable flick overall and I'd recommend it to a friend.

Wendy K (nl) wrote: I have read the book and i thought that the film was brilliant with very strong performances by the main actors. One of the best films I have seen this year with old news footage interwoven with the main story.

Steve P (es) wrote: Slow moving and complex insight into the life of a Vietnamese girl who works as an escort girl to support her parents back home. At times, some of the dialogue seems forced (particularly when religion is discussed) but, overall, a moving story.

George B (de) wrote: Everyone in the world should watch this movie.... Propaganda it is, but then again so is Al Gore's movie... This documentary gives a viewer exposed to Al Gore a modicum of balance.... Very worthwhile effort on both their parts. Too bad the media is so swayed to the vice-presidents way of view. Moderation ids the key to happiness... Balance... The middle way... Perfection!

Aaron M (fr) wrote: Powerful film--sometimes free-spirited, other times brutal.

Bharati B (jp) wrote: Abhiash in one of their amazing performances, AR Rahman's beautiful music...Vidya and Madhavan deserve a mention..

Noel B (mx) wrote: From the director of Leprechaun and Rumpelstiltskin comes another equally ridiculous comedy horror Triloquist (or 'Dummy' in the UK). It's always difficult to rate a film that isn't even trying to be a great. I found it highly amusing, mainly due to the lead female character who was a nasty, sick, foul mouthed bitch but did it in such a casual carefree manner that you just have to love her. The dummy itself also has some great dialogue. It's a rubbish movie but a highly entertaining and amusing one that knows it's target audience and doesn't pretend to be anything it isn't.

Lloyd B (de) wrote: so slow i just woke from a coma.. abandoned after 40 mins.

Jessica W (au) wrote: sad sad movie omg its awe inspiring lol

Becca W (fr) wrote: For sure one of the best romantic comedies I've seen. It's funny, and quirky in a way that's actually quirky, and Oliver Platt is magnificent, as always. Loves it.

Kenneth C (ca) wrote: A masterful eyeopener about corporate media bias with big media's playing up of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge horror and simultaneous subtle coverup of the bloody US supported Indonesian occupation of East Timor being an effective and chilling example of it in action.

Grant S (ag) wrote: A lesser-known Clint Eastwood movie, from 1980. Watching it, I understand why it is less well-known: it is not that great. Not terrible, just forgettable. It had the potential to be a great examination of the dying out of rural life and cowboy ways. Unfortunately, it only just touches on that, and prefers to concentrate on being a romantic-comedy, with some adventure thrown in. As adventure and romantic-comedies are dime a dozen, and this movie doesn't set itself apart, at best it is mediocre.However, has its moments and kept me interested through most of its duration. Could have been something so much better and more profound though. Eastwood's direction is solid, as is his acting. Sondra Locke, Eastwood's then-girlfriend, is a touch annoying in the female lead. Decent performances from the supporting cast.

Bernadette I (kr) wrote: At this point the franchise was all but dead, but I can still watch the silliness

Greg W (es) wrote: one of my fave horror pics

Grant S (ag) wrote: A Marlon Brando western. Not the best use of Brando's considerable talents. Plot is so-so: not really original nor profound. Direction is OK. Brando gives a solid performance. You wouldn't think that western's would be his ideal type of move, but he gives a very convincing performance. Supporting performances are less satisfactory, varying from OK to cringeworthy.Overall, an average western, and really only worth watching for the presence of the great Marlon Brando.

Calvin R (it) wrote: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is way more darker, clever, complex storytelling, great performance by all the cast yet again. This proves that the third film can surpass the first, and second film! Thanks to Alfonso Cuaron direction.

Kyle C (fr) wrote: Not quite as funny as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but it's probably on par with Superbad. Paul Rudd is easily becoming one of the funniest actors in Hollywood, and finally, they are releasing some funny movies because it's been a while since there have been some good ones but we've had a few this year. You know a movie is funny when Sean William Scott is the least funny one in the entire movie. Just make sure you are not watching this with your whispering eye. ;)

Harry W (de) wrote: Being one of Bill Murray's earliest comedy vehicles, Stripes sounded like a definitive 80's comedy.Stripes is very much like the Goldie Hawn vehicle Private Benjamin from the year before, only this time it has more of a buddy comedy concept. Both films also featured a performance from P.J. Soles. Heavier and more outrageous in nature, Stripes proves to be less character-oriented and maintaining less subtext in favour of a significantly more ridiculously goofy series of comic archetypes, action scenes and romantic comedy. Admittedly, the romantic comedy seems like an irreverant plot point just thrown in there for the sake of adhering to 80's tropes, but the concept is utterly so ridiculous that it delivers plenty of laughs.Though Stripes has a military based concept, it always has the right tone. The story never takes itself seriously and instead parodies war movie tropes on a level which is consistently humourous without sinking down to being a spoof. It keeps a balance between serious military plot points and a genuine comedic mood to match it, turning a wacky concept into a Saturda Night Live style buddy comedy sketch. But I will admit that the material has its downfalls. With the extended edition of Stripes running for a total of 118 minutes, there is a feeling that the film stretches on quite a bit. As the idea of popular comedy has changed over time, Stripes reflects a time when popular comedy largely came from goofs contrasting to serious subject matter. Considering the anti-war themes that would overtake much of popular cinema in the 1980's, there is a sense of nostalgic value that comes from seeing a film that contrasts the darker edge of these films by putting the subject matter in a lighter context. But times have changed, so the subject matter of Stripes is no longer relevant to the extent that it remains as funny as it once was, and nearly two hours of it can be a little much. The gimmicks wear off in the modern day, and although there are plenty of creative gimmicks to fill the narrative.Essentially, Stripes lands more jokes than it misses over the course of its running time, and that proves to be enough. The film gains a lot of momentum from the simple nature of its story context while the scenery and set pieces do a strong job encouraging a sense of believably in the film. And the way that the action is integrated into Stripes works brilliantly. Staying true to the unserious comedic roots of the genre, Stripes plays out like an episode of The A-Team. With all the explosions and gunfire that goes on, people are seldom hurt or killed but rather subject to the humourous results of the misadventures of Pvt. John Winger's platoon. All things considered, Stripes is actually edgy in parts while playing it safe in others by going back on the traditional roots of the film as a Bill Murray comedy.As is the case with essentially any Bill Murray movie, Stripes gains the best of its momentum through its success as a vehicle for the comedic legend. Seeing him firing guns and leading soldiers to war is such an unexpected plot point, and he absolutely nails it without even having to try too hard. The man's instinct overtakes Stripes. Since the film is so embroiled in being a distinctively 1980's comedy, putting Bill Murray in an action-comedy themed role from pre-Ghostbusters is just brilliant. The story is loosely serious and less wacky than Ghostbusters, but Bill Murray matches the pitch of the atmosphere by approaching the material with his natural persona. Stripes presents one of the most definitive examples of him at work because as he remains distant from conveying much emotion in the role and so predicated on driving the material into comedic territory that he brings everyone along with him in the process. The man has some innovative moments where he shifts his comic spirit into dialogue which would traditionally be dramatic, finding a strong way to embody a military stereotype with plenty of light humour being brought out of the situations. Bill Murray is the entire reason that Stripes works, and it is a perfectly wacky star vehicle for the comedy legend.Harold Ramis also delivers justice. Working from the days when he was still friends with Bill Murray, Harold Ramis captures a much less determined character than Bill Murray since his natural persona has a sense of neuroticism to it, yet it works to the benefit of the fish-out-of-water comedy. He shares a great chemistry with Bill Murray which gives the film an effective leading comedy duo, but as well as that he genuinely manages to make Pvt. Russell Ziskey seem like an intelligent character. He has to confront the burden of being thrown into an unwanted situation and approaches it with a realistic balance of reluctance and professionalism, putting a sense of reality into the story. Harold Ramis works excellently alongside Bill Murray in Stripes.John Candy is a very welcome presence in Stripes. A popular comedic actor in the 1980's, John Candy stands out as one of the most notable supporting characters. Any fan of his will appreciate seeing him team up with Bill Murray and Harold Ramis because they really encourage the distinctive comedic style of the era. Like the lead actors, John Candy brings his stereotypical persona to the film and works to make himself a notable figure in the story. His screen time is brief, but he brings a likable character and effective sense of physical comedy to the film.P.J. Soles has a very friendly demeanour to her, though what she really brings to the film is sex appeal and that ability to create a good chemistry with Bill Murray, and Sean Young shares a passionate interaction with Harold Ramis.Lastly, Warren Oates is a brilliant touch since the man has a legacy. And so putting him back into a war uniform and having him challenge Bill Murray achieves humourous results.So Stripes may not be as funny now as it once did and it has a tendency to stretch on for a while, but with ridiculous plot serves as a perfect front for Bill Murray's hilarious antics.

Ana B (kr) wrote: Half way between thriller and drama, this movie tell us the story of Gavin, a man about to jump from a ledge of a tall building; he did lead a regular life until his pretty and newly arrived neighbour applied for a chambermaid job in the hotel where he works. Unwittingly he is drawn to her, unfortunately she is married to a religiously creepy man that soon enough starts to suspect their affair.There is a subplot, Gavin tells his story to the policeman in charge of trying to talk him out of suicide in long flashbacks, and, at the same time, we learn that the officer's marriage is in a deep crisis after finding out that he is not the biological father of his kids. It is an acid reflection of what we are capable of doing when we are deeply hurt and when we love.It is an entertaining thriller, where you keep wondering if he will jump or not . I didn't see a moral lesson, it is more a cluster of bad choices in a collision course, nothing can stop the unfolding drama and that makes it amazingly uncomfortable to watch at times. There is nothing excitingly new about the film but it is engrossing and well made, with believable performances and an end that isn't predictable.

Private U (kr) wrote: One of my Favorite B rated, horrible acting films of all time