The film tells the story of an ambitious young man, Tom, who loves Grete, daughter of the manager of the national railroads; but Grete's father prefers Lund, an upright and uptight army officer. To prove his worth, Tom organizes a daring robbery of the nightly Bergen Express in the hopes of outwitting his rival, who's been assigned to track down the thieves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ravi T (us) wrote: Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad is one those movies which does'nt rely only on one thing to become successful, almost everything in the movie is capable enough of making it a good movie, from the basics everything was done right in this movie, probably because it is the debut production of PTC Motion Pictures and only the second movie being directed by the duo of Rimpy-Prince, people were extra careful in making this movie.Well, it can be said that the hardwork of the team has yeilded good results, the movie was released on 12 July 2013 and most of the audience is impressed by Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad.The movie has an original and good script, which nicely keeps you engrossed till the very end, the direction of the movie is stupendous and the work done by all the actors is very impressive. Not to take anything away from "Jaggi Singh" who has provided amazing music and lyrics for the songs of Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad.Roshan Prince is very energetic while playing the role of an aspiring actor "Jassi", he has a great screen presence and a very honest approach towards acting.BhanuShree Mehra who plays his love interest "Roop" is looking quite beautiful in the movie, and the icing on the cake is the way that she plays the role so effortlessly.Japji Khaira plays "Geet", the accidental wife of Jassi, she looks so much like a small town Punjabi girl that you won't believe that she is a former "Miss World Punjaban"Great supporting work done by B.N Sharma and Rana Ranbir as well, who provide great comedy whenever there seems to be dull moment in the movie.The Review.Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad is one of those movies that will give you every penny's worth of entertainment, it can be said that such movies are only created when everything is done right. Being a complete family entertainment, you should take your family out this week-end to watch this movie. A definite paisa wasool film.

Alex C (jp) wrote: I've never wanted to play ping pong more in my entire life.

Vanessa L (nl) wrote: even though there is nicholas in it.. but i just dont want to see Charlene...

Annie P (ag) wrote: I really think this film was really well made, the relationship between the three men was just wonderful. It came out that they knew each other for a very long time. The dialog was very intelligent as well, the character that Kevin Spacey portrays is a little bit on the jerky side but it works out for him in the end. Danny Devito is brilliant and always standing up for the younger one, that is Peter Facinelli who is great in any role he portrays, being as young as he was in that film. His sense of innocence really brought out a lot in him, and made me like his character even more. He reminded me of myself in fact, I am innocent in a sense. It really was a great film with just the three actors, it was based off of a play, and I love the theatre. It was like a play which I liked as well.

Brian C (us) wrote: I like most of Prison. Some of the prisoner and guard characters were interesting, and gave a real interesting dynamic. The ghost was interesting, and a couple of the killings were interesting, but overall it didn't work. Viggo was a little too subdued.

Andrew E (de) wrote: A bit of a mess but mesmerising to watch.

Holger H (br) wrote: Very well photographed and directed jungle adventure film. Not at all what I expected as this is usually marketed as one of those Italian Cannibal movies. There are elements of Cannibalism in there, but only tangentially.

neil L (kr) wrote: The Blob is a classic early horror film.

AJ G (kr) wrote: The most fantastic Christmas movie I've ever seen.

Dane P (us) wrote: Highly recommended this movie was hilarious one of the best I've seen in awhile. The movie should be considered a horror movie classic that should NEVER be overlooked May 26 2014