School for Sex

School for Sex

Lord Wingate, aquitted after appearing in court for fraud, starts up a 'finishing school' to teach girls how to extract money from rich men, in return for a percentage of their gains. He enlists the help of the Duchess of Burwood (Alcoholic Aristocrat played by Rose Alba) as a teacher and Hector (Cockney Geezer played by Nosher Powell) as fitness instructor. A probation officer friend supplies the first batch of pupils fresh from Holloway prison via a clapped out old mini bus. Suspicious neighbours and police together with newspaper reports naming the prison girls now hobnobbing in high society results in a raid and new court appearance for Lord Wingate. The Judge sentences him but plots to start up his own 'school for sex'.

British Sexploitation/Sex Comedy. Lord Wingate, aquitted after appearing in court for fraud, starts up a 'finishing school' to teach girls how to extract money from rich men, in return for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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l i n d (ru) wrote: Alright, this movie is WEIRD! Really messed up, but I guess it's kind of OK too.

Tristan Y (jp) wrote: Actors like Michael Sheen are wasted in films like this..

Jennifer B (au) wrote: This is a pretty good story, based on the novel. I enjoyed it more then I thought I would.

Kan T (kr) wrote: Tony Leung's good, Ren Richie sucks.... empty story and no theme... the only good thing in the film is Tony Leung...

JayKumar B (de) wrote: A Senisitive under-rated movie with real emotions... fanastic performances by the lead actors be it Juhi Chawla..Sanjay Suri's award-winning protrayal of a HIV+ Gay man.. or Purab Kholis' amazing support and love Surl's charactor.. based on a subject widely avoided in India.. the director has struck the right notes.. sadly the Indian Audiences have yet to grow-up to accept something as real as this..

Bert B (au) wrote: Escape from Colditz.. British television miniseries of 2 parts with quite some good acting and great decor and sets. The story is about soldiers in captivity trying to escape from the highly guarded castle in Germany in WOII. It's also about 2 soldiers both wanting the love of the same girl Lizzie, unfortunately for one he's still in the castle while the other one is working in MI9 next to Lizzie trying to retrieve escaped soldiers to England. Quite a good drama and very enjoyable to watch.

Jon M (ag) wrote: I found this movie in the so-many-movies for so-many-dollars bin at my local Wal-Mart. What else could I expect? I am a fan of both Romano and James, but this film really didn't live up to my expectations. Not that I had high expectations to begin with. With only a few tiny laughs, this film really does nothing for me. The only positive point I feel is that they didn't settle for dick-jokes. At least the two men had class.

Oliver T (ca) wrote: It was shot in St. George.

Brian B (mx) wrote: Okay, well first off let me start by saying this, Never Die Alone was freaking awesome! I rarely give movies a perfect five out of five but this movie gets it! Critics oh critics, if you'd only put down your Crystal Meth for a moment you'd realize true brilliance when it stares you in your worthless face. Anyway, where do I even start? Well, stellar performance by DMX! Anyone who can play a role and play it so well that you actually start to hate the character that's being portrayed has nailed that part down to its fullest! For example, Jack Nicholson in The Shining, Laurence Fishburne as Ike Turner in What's Love Got To Do With It, and Danny Glover as Mister in The Color Purple. Feel me? That type of brilliance! I mean DMX really makes you feel the hurt that he's inflicting on others! The epitome of a mothers worst nightmare! I won't say too much more about that, don't want to spoil it for you.Second, the plot! Steamy, vengeful, sexy, greedy, money, and suspenseful! Oh, and I almost forgot, the ending! This movie's got a crazy unforeseeable ending with a twist that's going to mess you the helicopter up! Yeah I meant to say that. Anyway, that's all I'm going to divulge about the specifics, fasten up your seat belts, and let's get ready for the ride! LET'S GO!

Dave J (kr) wrote: Thursday, August 18, 2011 (2003) In Hell ACTION/ DRAMA Takes place during the 70's with Jean-Claude Van Damme as Kyle who gets sentenced for life at one time Russia's worst prisons called the Kravavi! While there, he gets introduced to fighting matches (UFC style) called 'Sparka' set up by the prison warden, and of course JCVD ends up doing just that! JCVD who has been in another prison film before called "Death Warrant" is more effective here then the other prison films he's been in! And under the direction of well known Hong Kong director, Ringo Lam most notably for such films as "Full Contact" and "City On Fire" both starring Chow Yun Fat, used Jean Claude on two previous films- Maximum Risk and The Replicant and has to looked at as action films and not so much for anything else, especially Jean Claude's acting which is just as bad as it ever was, except that the direction makes up for it! Low 3 out of 4

Strawberry (fr) wrote: i love this movie i didnt think he would play a gay dude

Dillon L (gb) wrote: holds up real good scary and gory.

Michael D (it) wrote: Awful. Amateurish effort that fails in every way. I barely was able to stomach the 2nd viewing.I needed the 2nd attempt because this remains the only film in 40 years I've walked out of the theater. Painfully boring.

Ennis Brokeback L (de) wrote: This movie is awful. I like the first two films but the only reason to watch this film is so that you can see Leonardo DiCaprio in a low budget horror film.

Andres G (gb) wrote: nice CGI but hard to watch. the story line does not make any sense. if a single alien can overtake the MIB headquarters shut it down and release all the prisioners at once, how come earth its safe? should it not be some aliens working as MIB agents?

Gina G (nl) wrote: I just love George Strait.

Ashley H (kr) wrote: Gridlocked is a disappointing film. It is about a SWAT leader David Hendrix and hard-partying movie star Brody Walker who must cut their ride-along short when a police training facility is attacked by a team of mercenaries. Dominic Purcell and Cody Hackman give horrible performances. The script is badly written. Allan Ungar did a terrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.