School's Out

School's Out


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Daniel U (mx) wrote: Good Halloween classic. One of my favorite horror movies ever made.

Andr L (jp) wrote: [Santos e Pecadores] Ao com tiros para todos os lados - policial violento (com ou sem motivo) tentando elucidar crimes brbaros que esto acontecendo pela cidade - direitos humanos para bandidos? Quem so os santos e quem so os pecadores? Filme meia boca...

James C (gb) wrote: Incredible noir film, that proves Matthew Vaughn knows what he is doing behind the camera and Daniel Craig knows what he is doing in front of the camera.

Juan Gabriel A (ag) wrote: Second movie of the weekend by Lone Scherfig after "Italiensk for begyndere". The storyline brings a lot of interesting themes and situations. The dialogues are sometimes quite funny but they could also be hard like the reality lived in the movie. I was a little bit dissapointed with the music, hence my -10%. The sountrack tried to emphasize some feelings that were already present with the acting and the story. Besides is just a typical pseudo classical soundtrack with a standard little orchestra making an excessive use of piano and strings... the music is cheesy, kitschy, corny... hatever you want to name it. Anyway, it's a pretty good movie, even if the first half is just a prelude to the later events and the suicidal tendencies of Wilbur start to turn annoying. There goes another -10%

Daniel K (mx) wrote: 3: I love sports movies and so few seem to be made about classic stories and characters ( as opposed to more recent fare like The Rookie, The Blind Side, Glory Road, Friday Night Lights, etc). Pepper and Jane work very well as Maris and Mantle and the rest of cast backs them up admirably. This certainly seems like a different era, but there are more than enough similarities to the present day to make it easy to relate. Inspirational, entertaining, and educational.

Anders M (us) wrote: Charles, the leader of the red ninjas has the godlen ninja warrior. If he gets hold of the black ninja warrior he'll have the supreme ninja power! Victor, the leader of the black ninjas doesn't want this to happen.

William W (nl) wrote: A phenomenal and heartbreaking film. This was the first I saw of Tatsuya Nakadai's work--and he's been my favourite Japanese actor ever since. I definitely have to see more of Kobayashi's films! =)

Brad H (ca) wrote: A very enjoyable and humorous vampire spoof.

Clay B (it) wrote: ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN (1980)

Jamie C (kr) wrote: Shoot 'Em Up is the kind of film that's perfect to watch with your mates and just enjoy its nonsense and that's all it's good for, The story is simple and nothing new but the action is so OTT that we can't help but love it and when Clive Owen kills two people with a raw carrot we all know what kind of film it is, It's bloody and silly but it works well, Clive Owens dry humour works perfect as the film never takes itself seriously, It has everything a growing boy needs.

King L (de) wrote: Woody Allen plays a comedy writer who imparts his worldly wisdom to a young aspiring writer, Jason Biggs as Biggs is going through a relationship with an enigmatic Christina Ricci.