An earthy character study about a teacher in crisis who discovers an alternative school that teaches him to connect with kids as people.

An earthy character study about a teacher in crisis who discovers an alternative school that teaches him to connect with kids as people. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Schooled torrent reviews

Cibi K (es) wrote: somethingz not right in the movie... stunning visuals though

Stephanie S (jp) wrote: Cute movie with a serious underlying message, despite some over-the-top events typical of Asian movies. I actually like Miriam's to-hell-with-it sometimes-attitude, and Richie is adorable as the always loving doctor (but then again, he's one of the few celebrities I find physically attractive). It's a nice Asian love story with an optimistic ending.

Kareem S (fr) wrote: I gave it 3.5 stars not for anything more than its slow flow of events, other than that I adored the film, I really enjoyed watching those girls. Great acting, it really touched me, It gave me that patriotic boost however I ain't Iranian but I really enjoyed that feeling. Offside is simple, to the point, delicate, girlish, lovely and a really good entertaining piece of art that reflects the ridiculous restrictions facing the Iranian women.

Dina M (kr) wrote: Soo fake. Not even a horror more comedey):)

Jean M (mx) wrote: Great movie, not too cheesy but enough to make you think and want to keep watching...Steven Baldwin, who knew? Plus David White is really good looking.

Ayan K (it) wrote: This Film should get more stars,,,,,it is one of my Favourite movies...

Alexander C (es) wrote: Was an interesting stab at politics for all its faults.

Nate W (mx) wrote: don "the dragon" wilson fights vampires... and can only kill them by breaking their necks. what?

Stephen L (ru) wrote: Typical '80s teen comedy, but with a slight twist. There's some magical realism involved in the main characters' overactive imaginations. Pretty unrealistic story but it's a fun, entertaining movie overall. I like the quirky side characters.

Daniel P (kr) wrote: An accurate portrayal of war time Britain, bit slushy in places, but overall a worthy WW2 picture.

Karsh D (mx) wrote: Stewart and Dietrich star in this likeable Western as young Stewart is brought in as a peace loving sheriff having to clean up a town run by crooks.

Stephanie G (ag) wrote: A bit of a disappointing ending, seemed to just cut the whole thing short with a few unanswered questions;-What was she doing in the house originally? Was she the man of the house's mistress cone for revenge?She became real in his dreams? How was that possible? A big portion of the film left me thinking that everything was in Jules head, but when I found out that she was a ghost, i didn't feel creeped out or scared. It wasn't a bad watch and it was interesting to see where the film went, but felt that it needed a bit more to up my rating.

Luis M (kr) wrote: Al Pacino e Johnny Depp juntos j razo para se ver o filme. A histria chega a cativar em alguns momentos no dando no entanto para ser um filme fantstico

Wiebke K (mx) wrote: Big chill in the apocalypse -- and fortunately a less gory one than your usual end of the world scenario. Some fun stuff in it, but it does start to drag a bit, and the ending is rather optimistic.

Paul D (de) wrote: Has a good initial set-up, but once the crime part kicks in it struggles with its interest value.