Schuhpalast Pinkus

Schuhpalast Pinkus

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:42 minutes
  • Release:1916
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:shoe,  

Sally Pinkus is an German-Jewish boy who takes a job as a shoe store clerk after being expelled from school for goofing around. Soon fired for trying to court the owner's daughter, Pinkus ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emilia Cinia P (mx) wrote: Small and precious, about the last days of Versailles from the point of view of one of the many invisible women of history.

Dre M (ru) wrote: It was a little slow to the draw, but once the story got going it was really good.

Evan B (fr) wrote: I don't usually especially notice sound, but the sound and the score on this film were excellent. An interesting format which worked in its favor. The flashing forward and back and the ending all served as an interesting, non-linear, structure that added unpredictability. Some beautiful shots and good acting.

Michael S (ca) wrote: Michael Mann's big screen adaptation of his classic '80s TV series is way to serious for its own good. The whole film, including its steely look, is grim and somber without any joy or energy. Colin Farrell is miscast as Sonny Crockett. He uses a low, raspy voice to hide his Irish brogue, which saps his character of any charisma. Neither lead character is developed at all. And poor Gong Li, a national treasure in China, really struggles with her English-language role. An adaptation of "Miami Vice" doesn't have to be cheesy, but it needs to be a little fun.

Kates Manslave (gb) wrote: Speeding up is silly... story is ok but slow. Camerawork is good. Action scenes are repetitive

Ana Maria R (de) wrote: "Cinderella" (Aschenputtel), German-French-Spanish co-producition movie, produced by Omnia Film & Eurokim, directed by Karin Brandauer and starring Petra Vigna, Krista Stadler, Roswitha Schreiner and Stephan Meyer-Kohlhoff.The movie is based on the classic fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.CASTCinderella: PETRA VIGNAStepmother: KRISTA STADLEROlder Stepsister: ROSWITHA SCHREINERYounger Stepsister: CLAUDIA KNICHELPrince Charming: STEPHAN MEYER-KOHLHOFF 1989 (C) OMNIA Film & Toro Film, in association with ZDF and TVE. All rights reserved.

Jeremy S (es) wrote: Just hate O'Neal as a actor HORRIBLE even when he plays a basketball player. Notle is good though

Brandon W (kr) wrote: Uncle Buck is directed and written by John Hughes, and it stars John Candy, Jean Louisa, Macaulay Culkin, Gaby Hoffmann, and Amy Madigan in a comedy film about their grandfather having a heart attack, their parents have no idea who to call to take care of their kids, and they end up calling their brother-in-law named Buck (John Candy). In terms of films that John Hughes has directed, I almost watched all of them. The only films that I haven't seen yet, are She's Having a Baby, and Carly Sue. With this however, it's the last John Hughes directed film that I watched that I've seen before, and I still enjoyed it. John Candy is terrific as he usually is in films that like Robin Williams, he always tries to be funny in a film, even if it's bad. The kid actors in this like Macaulay Culkin and Gaby Hoffmann are really good and funny for their young age and not in an annoying way. There are some crazy jokes in here, and they get a laugh out of me, and the script by John Hughes still manages to have some of his great work in here, even if it isn't his best here. The only issue besides the not much of a spark script that I had, was that you know where some of the plot elements will go. Luckily it wasn't the main focus here, the film focuses on the characters and the humor, which really work thanks to the charms from the late John Candy.

Joshua L (kr) wrote: I didn't think it was really good.

Jeremy H (gb) wrote: This is a completely a B-movie. I watch it every time it comes on. It portrays a kinder, gentler post apocalyptic world that includes the greatest creation of mankind: sex-bots.

Ahmed A (us) wrote: About decent .. but really showed what thirst could do!

Dan C (mx) wrote: Low key drama populated with rather unlikable characters, including the fickle wife played by Moreau, who is shown to be a woman who can rise above her circumstances to engage in a real loving relationship. Far from breathless, it is a good precursor to the Nouvelle Vague. Had no idea that it was the movie that caused Potter Stewart to coin his famous quote on pornography: "I'll know it when I see it."

Katie R (br) wrote: Frank Borzage does something original and creative by combining his romantic sensibilities with film noir. It's amazing that he created one of the most brutal film noirs and one of the most romantic and hopeful noirs at the same time. As always, he uses his redemptive love stories to contrast the horrible things going on in the story and in the world. As long as that love exists, everything else seems bearable.

Russell G (br) wrote: I am not sure how this franchise keeps going, but it does. After five movies of steadily diminishing returns, the series hit rock bottom with its self-referencing parody approach. The character needed retired or rebooted. Without going for a complete re-boot, this movie removes the humor and gets back to the original tone. It is the darkest, most suspenseful, and serious movie in series since the first movie. Although it is not apparent until late in the movie, the story connects with the first movie in a surprisingly nice way. It wisely chooses to overlook all that came in between. The infamous Chucky doll shows up on what seems to a random doorstep of a disabled woman in wheelchair and her mother. As expected, there is an unexplained murder occurring in their house brining the relatives of the girl and her mother home for support. The sister of the young woman in the wheelchair has selfish motives for returning home. This subplot is an attempt to add drama, but it requires better characters to work. There is now a full family saying in a historic large house with the killer doll, including a little girl. As things unfold, we discover that this is not a random occurrence with Chuckey arriving at this particular house and this family. It all sounds good, but the acting and exaggerated characters and low-level acting are terrible. The dysfunctional in-family relationship could be interesting on its own, but it only serves as a framework to set up Chucky's killing. It is not terrifying, but it does have some style and story. With better acting, this could have been a complete turnaround for the series, but it settles for middling results.

familiar s (kr) wrote: Damn it, this was like "To Kill A Mockingbird" with the most predictable and silliest twisted ending. (Oops! I hope that ain't a spoiler. And if it is, I can only hope that you're not intelligent enough to predict it. But even a kid can tell that 2 + 2 = 4, and you don't need to be a genius for that. Anyway, if it did work as a spoiler for you, and thereby reduced the movie's entertainment value for you, I honestly plead your pardon.) But that wasn't good enough for them. So they put the characters through car chasing scenes followed by a fight. The fighting sequence only made it worse. Exactly as predicted, the character who is supposedly shot dead, returns in a typical filmy way at the nick of time to beat the villain.I was expecting some unique and interesting courtroom drama, but I guess I was asking for too much. This movie was a big time disappointment for me. And if you haven't seen this movie as yet, I hope I've provided enough just causes that will lead you to the conclusion that you better avoid this Just Cause.P.S.: The face of the sweet, young girl playing Katie Armstrong looked familiar, but I'd no idea whatsoever that it was Scarlett Johansson until I found it in the credits.

Bryce J (br) wrote: This one grows more on me every time I see it until at this point I'm ready to declare it the high point of the Next Generation movies. First Contact is over-rated. This film, however, is completely original and engaging. It feels completely different from any of the others and I'm okay with that. The only thing I could do without is the painful Data comic relief stuff in the second half of the movie, which just feels out of place. One final note - the soundtrack for this one doesn't get enough love. The music is also a complete departure from any other Trek film and feels as fresh and enlivening as the movie itself. The main theme is particularly beautiful.

Thomas S (ca) wrote: I'm a guy but even I have a soft spot for this movie it's told well and that pie seen

Jaime R (br) wrote: What's interesting is that despite the fact you already know the outcome, it is still a truly gripping tale of survival.