Schultze Gets the Blues

Schultze Gets the Blues

Schultze is an accordion player and newly without work. When the local music club celebrates its 50th anniversary, his taste of music changes unexpectedly.

Schultze is an accordion player and newly without work. When the local music club celebrates its 50th anniversary, his taste of music changes unexpectedly. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Santiago P (br) wrote: You have to leave it to the french and to Netflix to find these gems. This is a sorry movie about a sorry story, that leaps ahead only to land on the "noteworthy". This story is probably a necessity, but that's why it was a book first. It doesn't fit as a movie and it doesn't make sense either.

Salman P (it) wrote: just bad no need for such movies with close to nil script

Jamie C (es) wrote: Not good but not bad either, Not enough comedy, But what comedy there was it was quite funny, Worth a look, But Will Smith please stick to films like Bad Boys and Independence Day.

Stefan D (mx) wrote: Didn't really fancy this but watched it anyways and actually enjoyed it! Don't know alot about Gacy really so don't know how true to facts it is but it was a good watch and thought Chubs from Teen Wolf 1/2 put in a good show

DAVE I (gb) wrote: I don't know how to begin to review this documentary from the HBO America Undercover series. It touches on a very delicate subject, abortion and the freaks that populate this Army of God. And by freaks I mean, some insane people who I believe just need a little nudge to cross that border into McVeigh land.The documentary starts by showing us the Army of God's holy martyr, Paul Hill, who shot at 3 people and killed 2 of them all in the name of God. Then we meet this Army of God. Neal Horsely, Bob Lokey and Jonathan O'Toole being it's major players. They're all a few sandwiches short of a Sunday picnic. There's no other way I can this, they're nuts. When Bob Lokey was serving 20 years for murder, he, predictably of course, found God and proceeded to circumcise himself with a razor blade and he thinks this is all sane and for the greater good. Horsely, whose name is not without irony, is a man who practiced zoophilia or bestiality in the past. Jonathan O'Toole, who at 19 left his family to live with Horsely in another state so that he could be "groomed" for the Army of God's impending war on "Gomorrah" and joined the marines to learn how to use ordinance (I wonder why?)What's frightening is that those who do have wives, those wives are relegated to being party hosts to get-togethers for the Army of God that seem to go down like a Tupperware party from hell. Parties where these rednecks from Alabama (and surroundings states) have fun re-enacting... wait for it... a Jerry Springer episode on sluts who aborted babies ?? you just can't get more white trash than that. I feel sorry for the people of the "redneck states", for whom, the Army of God is their cultural ambassadors to the outside world. I wish we could something else than this coming from those states.What's even more frightening is a conversation between Horsely and Lokey. Horsely, the ever enlightened servant of God, speaks of seeing a male duck following a female duck around like the loser that he his, because he was, and I quote, "vaginaly defeated" but the girl duck. Oh now we are getting to the meat of the matter, the whole reason why all these men are so hell bent against abortion. Lokey proceeds to tell him that is exactly why he circumcised himself, because he to was vaginaly defeated. This militancy isn't about abortion, it's about control over the harpies, those sinful women who lead us by our gonads into the burning flames of hell. Well that's how they made it sound. This isn't truly about protecting children; it's about control over women. These are those types who could never get a handle on their sex life (no pun intended) or women. Women are evil temptresses so they must be controlled, herded, at any cost.Militancy is never about the cause, it's about imposing a view on others, and it's about controlling others, to compensate for the hole, whatever it may be, in the militant's life. In this case, probably fears and/or feelings of inadequacy towards the opposite sex. It could have been any cause. Had they been born in Qubec, they'd be hardcore separatists dedicated to the protection of the French language from the evil Anglo-Canadian Empire. Different cause, same behavior; they're simply wired for militancy.They all hold blindfolded faith in the Good Book and use it ad nauseum as a defense and never truly answer a question. They instead quickly pull the nearest relevant quote from the Bible from their heads in dire need of scanning for tissue damage. They sound more and more like fundamentalists in the same vein as Al Queda. God is always on their side. One Tupperware hostess chants (literally chants) that they are the good guys and the good guys are always outnumbered and always win. The Army of God members all profess to have God speaking to them personally, on an individual basis (No information on whether one of them was told to become President is presently available). Everything they do was ordained by God and if God orders them to kill they will do so without hesitation.O'Toole, seemingly the most naive and innocent one, because of his youth perhaps, also seems the most delusional. At the execution of Paul Hill in 2003, he said that a rainbow appeared, dark clouds looming behind it. Thunder and lightning were announcing the illegitimate death of Hill and that on the moment the switch was flicked, all the lights went out, on giant thunder clap was heard at the instant of death and then all the sky went quiet and rain fell. According to O'Toole, the rainbow was a symbol for the faithful and the storm a warning of the impending war on the faithless. Pat Robertson needs to hire this guy for his PR team.This was another one of HBO's no holds barred gritty and quality docs on touchy subjects. They don't shy away from taking chances or close their eyes to phenomena they'd rather not hear about. During an interview, you can hear the interviewer relentlessly pushing to get more out of O'Toole that he was willing to share. And boy did we get an earful on jews, Al Queda, homegrown terrorism et al.I can't get enough of HBOs daring docs and hope that my store will carry more titles in the future. The only thing missing was more background on these nutters who think they will save America from its foolishness.I give it a 4 outta 5

Aaron K (au) wrote: There are events that happen in the world that should NEVER happen. This film was made because a celebrity wrestler thought he could act solely upon the power of his fame, and be successful. A diabolical movie of a stranded Space-travelling crime fighter who befriends a local American Family. Spare your kids from the agony... let them watch something different.

Tim S (fr) wrote: Not quite the insane road rage flick I was expecting to see, but still entertaining.

Andrew B (it) wrote: Great film. Great actors. You got to see the potrayl of both Napoleon and Wellington. The way they tried to out think each other, their differences, their similarities and their admiration of each other. Only weird thing was I watched this as part of a 4 DVD box set of Orson Welles and he is only in the movie for about 5 mins.

Stephen C (ca) wrote: Its my belief that director John Frankenheimer is sorely underated by todays film going public.This is a shame as his body of work despite the odd turkey here and there is pretty darn good most notably the film he made in the 1960s.This particular film flopped on release but is now viewed as being way ahead of its time and pretty darn scary to boot.John Randolph plays Arthur Hamilton a bored subruban husband stuck in a rut at work and at home who hears from a friend he thought long dead about a project which will change his appearance and allow him to start a new life.After some casual blackmail Arthur agrees and is transformed into Tony Wilson young playboy and sometime painter which a beach house in Calafornia.The big shock here is that Wilson is played by Rock Hudson who hade made a name for himself playing the lead in light fluffy romantic comedies. This film dispels the myth that Hudson could only make those types of films as he begins to crumble even with his new life in place.Frankenheimer and his DP James Wong Howe use plenty of close ups and fish eye lenses to convey the terror at the heart of the film and how wishing for it all can sometimes lead to extreme consequences when a person starts to question their new identity.Everything clicks here and the general creepiness of whats on show makes this a film which transcends its sixties trappings.

Ashley H (ru) wrote: Desperate Journey is entertaining film. It about a crew of downed British bombers who escape from their Nazi captors. Errol Flynn and Ronald Reagan give amazing performance. The script is well written but has a few flaws. Raoul Walsh did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the action and adventure. Desperate Journey is a must see.

Todd A (jp) wrote: The child acting leaves much to be desired but the story itself is sweet and innocent with a kind of charm that lacks in most live action children films these days.

Simon T (us) wrote: The best Batman-Movie !

Russell H (gb) wrote: After the first quarter or so, the action picks up and doesn't stop. The drill was pretty cool. Jonathan Pryce was an awesome villain.