A renegade police officer tracks a rapist spreading a deadly virus around 2009 Boston.

Boston, 2009. A police detective (Roddy Piper) searches for Adrian Dunn, his ex-partner (Billy Drago) who murdered his wife. Dunn has escaped from prison on the moon and returned to Earth ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stefano20 D (de) wrote: Swiss Army ManIf you have never had the experience of sitting down to watch a movie, and, halfway through, think to yourself, "What in the crap is this movie?", then go watch Swiss Army Man to have such an experience. You will be instantly taken aback by the strange but enjoyable movie which catches you and your attention off guard. What starts out as an intriguing movie with stars such as Harry Potter (yes, I know his real name is Daniel Radcliff...) and Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine), the film quickly takes a turn for the worse as the whole premise of the movie relies on the weird and unnatural use of a human corpse. Now, don't be alarmed. It is done in a way that makes you laugh and builds character development, but at the base of it all is the weird and unconnectable storyline. Unless you actually can connect to this storyline, in which case, you need some serious help...It all start when Hank (Dano) decides to end his life, after finding himself stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean. As he is fitting the crudely-made noose around his neck, he sees off in the distance a body wash up onto shore. This body belongs to none other than Manny (Radcliff). He has since passed, but with the help of a little hope and a major miracle, Hank is able to ride Manny's farting corpse like a motorboat back to the mainland. That, in essence is what Swiss Army Man is. It takes the outlandish idea of the dead and somehow makes you feel connected to Radcliff's corpse. It is very much like the movie Lars and the Real Girl, in which Ryan Gosling's character Lars falls in love with a blow up doll. The relationship works and you love them for it. Dano and Radcliff pull of the same kind of insane chemistry that only a stranded madman and a dead body can share. It is magical. One thing that Swiss Army Man did well was to utilize music and color to enhance to macabre idea of the overall film. The music was well done, with performers like Andy Hull from the band Manchester Orchestra, and the visual aspect of the movie did unbelievable on scenes focusing on Hank's (Paul Dano) memories. The bus scenes, whether that was the actual bus memory or the creation of the memory in the woods, were some of the most enjoyable scenes overall. These scenes were the best examples of cinematographic beauty and artistry in the entire file. The lights and appearance of scenes being memories, as well as the ability to express emotions through color and music were handled extremely well throughout the movie. Overlooking the premise, or the whole dead body used to survive in the woods, Swiss Army Man was a success in my book. It is very clear that the directors knew that it was going to be strange, but ran with the idea knowing that they could make up for it by creating a beautiful movie. Swiss Army Man is much more than just a highly acclaimed Sundance film, it is a film from which important life lessons should be learned. Or at least basic wilderness survival skills...

Aaron M (jp) wrote: Awful.. Just awful! DX I was recommended to this film by a few of my friends. I showed one of those said friends Ip Man for the first time recently and he told me that he enjoyed True Legend much more! WHAT?!? O_O I had to see it for myself! This is one of the worst martial arts films I've ever seen. I need to watch Drunken Master again.. It'll feel like taking a shower after watching this trainwreck!

Jenn T (fr) wrote: Haven't seen the first one but certainly not great. Decent acting.

Kirk E (br) wrote: Although it doesn't always hide its low-budget, semi-professional roots, it's still charming and surprisingly well shot.

Dave J (au) wrote: John LeTour (William Dafoe)has been in the drug dealing business for a long time along with his partner, Ann (Susan Sarandon). It becomes complicated once his ex is involved.

Lee M (ru) wrote: Whatever it was about this film that resonated so well with the Aussies in 1986 that it won 8 AFI awards fails to transcend time and space. In 2010 America, the film comes across as a dumb, yet sweet, little indie film.

bill s (fr) wrote: A closed in thriller that you'll enjoy the twist and turns with or against these cast of characters.

Greg W (au) wrote: just ok year s/b 1973

Matt C (nl) wrote: Seeing as this is widely viewed as a complete train wreck of a movie I was actually pretty pleasantly surprised. Yeah it's probably not quite up to the standard of either of the original versions of this story but they're not exactly 'Citizen Kane' are they so keep your knickers on. This is a pretty solid and enjoyable thriller, no more, no less.

Jeff B (au) wrote: Like many films of its time, it bangs the watcher over the head too often with dialogue rather than allowing inference to keep the story moving. It also felt way too much like a play which, of course, is what it was.

Harry W (ca) wrote: Tom Hanks treads familiar territory in a story of survival in the eyes of savage barbarism and a treacherous plain to deliver a fantastic adaptation of 2009 hijacking of a US cargo vessel carrying food and water through the somali basin. The cast all deliver their performances with such high-octane precision that the story flows in a fluid and massively intense perimeter. Barkhad Abdi also delivers a brilliant debut performance as Muse, "the other Captain" and manages to capture the spotlight even when he isn't saying anything. Captain Phillips is an amazing story of survival and definitely worth a watch.

Jason B (es) wrote: Halle Berry and Robert Downey jr. deliver an all star performance in this unique paranormal thriller.

Brandon W (it) wrote: With a premise like this so weird, how could I not watch this? I really enjoyed Stuck On You. With two people being stuck together, it would've not worked if the main actors were terrible, but Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear are really good and really funny. The effects on them being stuck together look really real, and the chemistry of them are great. The movie may seem like a one joke premise, but it does have a decent story and it shows the negative side of conjoined twins while having a positive side of it, but not in a comedic way but more of a drama way. When it does make fun of it however, it really felt in bad taste, it wasn't funny, and was just down right mean-spirited. But it's only one scene when they do that, and it has lots of funny moments in the movie to overcome that. The cameos are very good, and when I thought it was going to this route, it actually doesn't. It is a little too long, and when it goes to black which I thought were going to be over, it kept going. Stuck On You is an interesting take on conjoined twins and makes it really funny while trying not to be offensive.

Nicky N (jp) wrote: Under Siege Is A Hijacking Classic.Grade B+