Scooby-Doo! Pirates Ahoy!

Scooby-Doo! Pirates Ahoy!

Ghost pirates attack the cruise ship that Scooby and the gang are vacationing on.

The film revolves around Scooby. He and the gang take a mystery-themed cruise through the Bermuda Triangle, but what starts out as staged hi-jinks soon turns into the real thing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Felix N (ag) wrote: At least 2 scenes make me felt real terror. I suppose this worth 2 stars in my rating. An overpowered demon doing silly thing at the wrong place, at the wrong time... And... hey, there is no tenant in that mansion?! And the bad ending.... (what? that's it?... are you kidding me?!)

Andrew E (es) wrote: Best movie ever I have ever seen. "Right in the blowhole" perfectly sums up how I feel about this movie. 10/10 give this movie an Oscar.

Naga R (mx) wrote: Indha padatha vaal naala marakka mudiyadu. Enakku romba piditha padam "Autograph".

Cle S (au) wrote: When I was a kid I liked these movies with speaking animals, nowadays I'm not so sure about it. But hey, the memory remains.

Kimmy x (es) wrote: great previews, for scary movies for halloween! Check it out!

Van R (mx) wrote: This true-life account of a Kenya game warden's wife, Joy Adamson (Virginia McKenna), who raises three female lion cubs after their mother and father are shot is endearing. The game warden, George Adamson (Bill Travers), is dispatched to kill a man-eating lion. No sooner has he killed the murderous lion than a lioness attacks them and he is forced to bring it down, too. Too late they discover that the lioness was only protecting her three cute cubs. George and Joy rear the three cubs and eventually give them to a zoo, but Joy is too grief-stricken by their obligation to watch her husband put them on an airplane. It seems that Joy grew quite attached to one of the lion cubs, Elsa, enough so that George keeps her for Joy. They make a docile pet out of Elsa and the young lioness has a free run of the compound. Things get complicated when Elsa incites a herd of elephants to stampede through a village and the game warden supervises George demands that they ship Elsa off to a zoo. Naturally, Joy opposes this plan and she works hard to return Elsa to the wild where she was born free. Along the way, George suffers from a bout with malaria, but he survives and helps Joy ensure that Elsa makes it in the wild. Composer John Barry, who rose to fame and fortune with his orchestral scores to the James Bond film franchise, received an Oscar for his soundtrack as well as the title tune. Director James Hill received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Director.

anthony a (de) wrote: please watch out!! The movie is educative.

Charles P (jp) wrote: Gangster pictures often don't have the courage to step as deeply into the mind-set of a criminal, and here James Cagney's performance is persistently explosive.

Alex M (mx) wrote: In my attempt to watch more Carole Lombard film I was able to get this one on DVD. It may be considered the invention of the screwball comedy but that doesn't mean it's perfected yet like Hawks' later films. Over acting is the key theme here and by the end it's so intense it becomes annoying.

AlexisJo A (it) wrote: Couldnt get into it, it was rushed with no real story leading up. Very disappointed

Wade H (au) wrote: A more realistic adaptation of the source material. Even if it doesn't please everyone, you can't deny the powerful performance from De Niro.

Dylan D (ag) wrote: Resident Evil: Damnation isn't the greatest video game-based movie out in the wild, but considering that the genre really doesn't have an excess of exemplary movies under its belt, Damnation does rank, well, fairly damn high within that group. It's true to the source, entertaining, well-written, nicely acted, and satisfactorily animated. Hardcore Resident Evil fans will get the most out of it, casual viewers should enjoy, and newcomers might even be hooked and finding themselves plopping down some cash on Resident Evil 6.